Cardano (ADA) and Pikamoon are Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency



Cryptocurrency is a world-changing concept. The idea that we can spend decentralized money that is independent of any government’s control is something that would have seemed impossible years ago. Today, thousands of crypto projects aim to solve different world problems, make the blockchain easier to use, or create new experiences.

However, among the thousands of cryptocurrencies we have today, two stand out. These projects are already changing the crypto world and have the potential to do more. We would examine how Cardano and Pikamoon are shaping crypto and the future of these projects.

Cardano: “Making the world better for all”

Cardano’s motto, making the world better for all, accurately captures what it does in crypto and blockchain. Charles Hoskinson launched Cardano in 2017 with the aim of improving some of the shortcomings in Ethereum. Since then, Cardano has made smart contracts faster and cheaper to use. Making transactions on the Cardano blockchain and scaling products is also faster because it does not get jammed like Ethereum.

This proof-of-stake blockchain mainly targets decentralized applications, making it easier for them to scale and transact. Cardano is also energy efficient, as it uses minimal power in a bid to protect the environment. Although Cardano has enormous plans for the future, Pikamoon seems even more revolutionary than Cardano. Let’s see how.

Pikamoon: Unlimited, immersive adventure

Pikamoon is a new play-to-earn game with huge potential to dominate GameFi. It is a metaverse game based on a fictional, exhilarating continent called Dreva. Dreva is divided into four major elements: water, fire, earth, and Electric. Each section is distinctly different from the rest, giving gamers much-needed variety in gameplay.

But, apart from beautiful graphics and a captivating storyline, Pikamoon has one thing that changes the game forever. Pikamoon players get rewarded in the Pikamoon token, which can be traded for fiat or crypto. Many games are yet to offer this, which puts Pikamoon ahead of it’s competitors.

You see, when the demand for this token goes up, investors will reap massive returns. This is like nothing that has been seen before, as now people can get rewarded for their time spent enjoying a game in the Metaverse. Even people who don’t play games can get their share of the billion-dollar GameFi market with this project. Everyone wins with Pikamoon.

Savvy and experienced investors are already buying massively into Pikamoon. Many crypto experts predict that Pikamoon could do much more than Cardano. With this kind of projection, no progressive-thinking investor would like to miss out on Pikamoon, especially now that it is still in its presale phase.

Investors who bought into the first stage of the presale are on their way to earning 2000%. How much higher can this token go? A lot! Presale tokens have the potential to be as high as 50x. Don’t miss out on the Pikamoon presale and a chance to shape the future of cryptocurrency. Join the presale now!

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