Capitrade Launchpad Aims to Be the Pioneer of Luna Based Decentralized Fundraising Platform


Capitrade Launchpad operation level and mechanism ensures every tier level gets allocated. Capitrade Ventures has built excellent ties with influencers and marketing partners, resulting in a consistent stream of well-funded crypto projects.

Capitrade IDO Launchpad

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome as an entrepreneur is funding. Fortunately, Capitrade Ventures IDO Launchpad is a logical evolution of the crypto fundraising process. The architecture is comparable to the IEO. The fundamental distinction is that both the entrepreneur and the investor use a decentralized third-party platform.

Capitrade launchpad is keen to collaborate with startup incubators and accelerator centers with its partner and community network. The purpose is to find and contact new Luna Ecosystem startups with the biggest upside potential.

Integrating Ethereum, BSC and Polkadot

In addition to supporting Luna projects, Capitrade ventures will focus on integrating Ethereum, BSC, and Polkadot chains for a more adaptable pool type and whitelist criteria. It has already built a prototype centralized solution.

The next-generation decentralized Launchpad will be created using the best DeFi industry standards, providing real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, genuine decentralization, and zero counter-party risk.

IDOs Donations Using Native Tokens

Capitrade launchpad will host IDOs for both usefulness and security. It will accept IDO donations in native Capitrade tokens and the more popular ADA, ETH and approved stable currencies.

Capitrade offers a decentralized IDO launchpad. The quantity of $CDE tokens in a user’s wallet determines how likely they are to be whitelisted.

Protocol users must be involved in voting on protocol governance concepts. The Governance contract allows users to propose and vote on protocol enhancements. Capitrade will allow users to manually burn tokens, thus reducing coins in circulation.

It also will limit the pool’s size depending on the IDO’s request. It will be FCFS (First Come First Serve). Token holders will obtain the allocations they are entitled to for burning their tokens. This has increased the exclusivity of IDO whitelisting in Capitrade,

About Capitrade Launchpad

Capitrade is a decentralized fundraising platform and startup accelerator built on Luna. It fully supports Luna native tokens and provides powerful DeFi features required by new applications.

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Project Founder – Eric James

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