It is quite evident that there are a lot of exciting developments taking place within today’s altcoin industry. In this regard, Canoe has just released a wallet that will make storing one’s Nano tokens a lot more straightforward and hassle-free.

Canoe Offers Cross-platform Nano Support

Any cryptocurrency or digital asset on the market today needs proper software wallets. Some currencies struggle in this regard, whereas others have a plethora of solutions at their disposal. Canoe is a cross-platform wallet client for the Nano community, and given its open source nature, ensures that there is nothing malicious going on behind the scenes.

There are some interesting features which make Canoe stand out from other similar wallet solutions out there. First of all, Canoe provides instant transactions. That is a bit of a rarity in the world of cryptocurrency, as there is always a delay when sending a cryptocurrency transfer across any network. 

Other Features to Consider

Another feature most wallets fail to provide is making transactions more appealing. There are always hefty fees associated with spending cryptocurrency, as these transactions need to be processed by the network and miners need to be paid for their efforts in this regard. Canoe has somehow managed to crack the code, as it allows for feeless Nano transactions at all times.

With the first official version of Canoe now being released, the wallet is breaking new ground as Nano users can finally download the wallet from the iOS store. Apple has a very strict approval process for mobile applications, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

For Nano, this is an important step towards making the altcoin more accessible to the masses. As such, having more options to store Nano, especially on mobile devices, can only be considered to be a good thing. 

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