Can you still get rich overnight with presale? Calyx Token (CLX), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL)


Presale is where the ‘get rich overnight’ tagline originated. People who made an investment in presale coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) while it was unknown and cheap watched as their value increased tenfold. However, as Ethereum’s value has decreased by 16.8% in the last week, is now the time to look again at new, presale coins for this get-rich-quick profit? 

New on the scene, presale coin Calyx Token (CLX) is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency world. This democratic cryptocurrency is currently very popular, and thanks to Calyx’s statement:

‘it will completely transform into the community-driven model by incorporating the CalyxDAO and empowering the community members with fair representation on agendas that are productive for the entire ecosystem’

This coin perfectly incorporates a sense of group commitment to a single cause.

How realistic is it to become an ‘overnight millionaire’ with cryptocurrency?

Currently established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) had a launch worth of $0.001 per coin, which rose to $2.50 in only two months. Therefore, people who made an investment of $1000 in Ethereum at this early stage had a profit of $249,900 in just two months. Similar statistics can be seen in Solana (SOL). At its launch, Solana’s value was less than $1, however, within two years it became worth $259 per coin – showing exponential growth in a very short time. 

However, cryptocurrency is a volatile market, with the value of coins fluctuating at a rapid pace. Currently, the market is low and the value of many established coins is dipping. For example, the trading value of Solana (SOL) has decreased by 19.7% in the last seven days. Also, the early quick money has been made on these coins and a much higher budget is needed to invest in them now, especially as Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH) both have established positions as two of the top ten cryptocurrencies and feature on popular exchange sites.

It is definitely possible to rapidly earn high amounts of money in cryptocurrency investment and it has been done before, however, this remains a risky gamble. 

Which coins are new on the scene? 

Investing in presale is historically the best way to make quick money. As Calyx Token (CLX) focuses on community-led investment whilst also ‘ensuring’ that it will remain ‘secure and stable’, it is definitely one to watch out for at the moment. Their website tagline is ‘Empowering Instant, Secure, & Trustless Exchange of Tokens at the Best Prices all Across DeFi’. This asserts their position as an appealing coin for newcomers, by aiming to make their transactions as seamless as possible. 

Although it has a fixed price until launch, meaning that investors won’t be able to watch its presale growth, this is a coin that has lots of potential to take off quickly after release. The question remains, will you take the chance? 

Calyx Token (CLX)






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