Can Gnox Token (GNOX) Rise as High as Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK)? Reports show a 52% surge in price for Gnox Token


Crypto is full of exciting projects that have made early investors healthy returns. Returns that are typically not found within traditional finance and this is due to the nascency of the cryptocurrency asset class. Often equated with the ‘.com boom’ by analysts. The differences between these two financial episodes are vast but both are economic movements driven primarily by technology.

Featured in this article are 3 projects that have come to the attention of numerous investors. Two of which are already well established and a third that will perhaps become a major player in the ecosystem with its price rallying during its pre-sale phase.

PolkaDot (DOT)

PolkaDot (DOT) is a token which has three distinct purposes: governance, staking, and bonding. DOT currently trades at around $9 down from an All-Time High of nearly $60. PolkaDot has seen incredible price action driven by its utility and is one of the most ambitious crypto projects in the space. Often referred to as a layer 0 protocol it seeks to join the existing infrastructure into one cohesive whole. By allowing the transmission of data across various layer 1 blockchains PolkaDot envisages a totally decentralised web. Its central focus is scalability and interoperability between blockchains. Its broad and far-sighted vision has been infectious to investors and has led it to become the 11th largest crypto project ranked by market capitalisation with lots of room for growth and price appreciation.

Chainlink (LINK)

Launched in 2017 Chainlink is best understood as a bridge between the blockchain world and the external world. It is a decentralised network of oracles- oracles is the name given to the article responsible for connecting blockchains to external data- which facilitates the interaction of smart chain contracts and real world data. LINK serves as the currency used to pay operators for fetching data, not on-chain. The implications of this are enormous and as a result, LINK has seen incredible price appreciation from its launch when it initially traded at 12 cents. Now it currently trades at $6.46 and has plenty of room to grow.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is a new player in the crypto ecosystem. Currently in its pre-sale phase where thanks to its dynamic pricing model has already seen its price surge by 52% as more and more investors get behind the project. Gnox is unique in the fact it offers a single investment vehicle that eliminates the technical barriers present in the DeFi sphere. Many crypto investors cannot access the best yield opportunities available in DeFi and Gnox is the first protocol to custom build a treasury that will introduce all its token holders to the revenue possibilities in DeFi. The revenue generated by the treasury will be reflected in stablecoin to token owners, the treasury is funded via buy and sell taxes, and it is the first protocol featuring a treasury tailored for the benefit of its token holders. Slated for launch in Q2 of 2022 only time will tell if the project can rise through the ranks and become a major player.

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