Can Cronos make a comeback? Why BudBlockz will overtake it in price by the end of the year


Cryptocurrencies are famously volatile. The overall market can drop, as it has this year, but individual coin prices often fluctuate due to more specific reasons, such as the level of rewards. 

Cronos (CRO) is the governance token of the popular platform and is a great example of a coin that has been affected by platform changes and the rewards offered. was launched in 2016 and was initially developed as a payment platform. It is similar to a crypto bank, with an exchange for various coins and fiat currencies, crypto Visa cards, a wallet, and brokerage services. Cronos (CRO) took off slowly, but following publicity gained through various partnerships, it spiked in November 2021 to over $0.9; however, it is currently looking like a shell of its former self. 

At the start of May 2022, announced a reduction in its CRO benefits and rewards. Users didn’t take kindly to these changes, and the price fell drastically and has not recovered now, trading around $0.10-$0.13. 

In contrast, BudBlockz is a new platform with a lot of promise, and its native token BLUNT is filled with unique use cases and has strong growth potential. There are several favorable factors that will boost its price and potentially let it overtake Cronos in the coming weeks. 

BudBlockz is an emerging ecosystem that supports the cannabis industry. Its BLUNT token allows users to buy, trade, and sell marijuana products. It is the world’s first asset-backed NFT for cannabis products, dispensaries, and farms.

The rewards for holders are generous, making the token highly competitive compared to coins like Cronos. In addition, holders receive discounted promotional codes on products and collectibles within the ecosystem, including the online marketplace. There is also the opportunity to purchase one of the 10,000 Ganja Guruz NFTs, which will be released on OpenSea, and are likely to be another factor driving up the price.

Another benefit is that holders can be rewarded through staking and governance. Anyone owning a BLUNT coin will be able to make proposals and vote on the direction of the platform. 

A significant additional advantage is the ability to obtain fractional ownership of marijuana farms and dispensaries. This means investors can simultaneously gain exposure to a new token and the cannabis sector. With analysts predicting a market cap of US$176.5 billion for the marijuana industry, this is especially appealing. 

BudBlockz is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and owners will be able to withdraw their BLUNT tokens to any ERC20 compatible wallet. This grants access to the Ethereum ecosystem and the ability to use DEX and other DeFi products. The imminent Ethereum Merge has the potential to increase BLUNT’s price tenfold.

The Private Sale price for BLUNT sold out at $0.015. The presale followed immediately after, with tokens starting at $0.021, giving the earliest investors a 40% gain. These are both reduced to encourage new holders to join the community, and the price will climb throughout the presale and is expected to shoot up rapidly once the presale ends. Factor in the rewards, percentage ownership options, staking, governance, and the Ethereum merge, and the token could soon overtake better-known coins like Cronos.

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