Can Bitcoin Finally Break out in 2020?

Cryptomode Bitcoin PRice

Making any accurate price predictions for bitcoin and altcoins is virtually impossible. Pantera Capital partner Paul Veradittakit still has high expectations for the industry, albeit nothing is ever guaranteed.

A lot of things are slated to happen throughout 2020.

What Comes Next for Bitcoin?

In the bitcoin segment, there is the upcoming block reward halving.

Depending on which trader one asks, the halving is either priced in or has yet to be priced in accordingly. 

For Paul Veradittakit, it appears that the halving is not priced in just yet.

He expected a “significant bull run” to materialize.

That is the sentiment most bitcoin enthusiasts share at this time.

Previous halvings have shown some sort of price action is likely to materialize. 

However, the year 2019 hasn’t been too keen to the world’s leading cryptocurrency, thus all bets are off.

As the “new supply” of bitcoin will shrink following this halving, anything can happen. 

One interesting note is how Veradittakit expects the halving to impact bitcoin mining in a positive manner.

While there may be fewer miners from that point forward, that won’t necessarily drive up the price.

Expecting things to just “go up” is rather naive, especially after what happened to bitcoin in the past decade.

Rest assured the halving will spark a lot more debates.

Impacting the value per BTC in a positive manner, is something else entirely. 

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