Can Big Eyes Coin Revive DeFi On Ethereum?


The DeFi blowup in 2020 had an immense significance on the crypto landscape. It enabled crypto enthusiasts to see a much more promising future for finance and a system that gives back to the users compared to traditional finance systems. It established itself as a trustless means to manage finances and do what banks would normally do with the money saved with them.

The new landscape that pioneered on the Ethereum blockchain rapidly inspired other alternative chains to emerge after it started to exhibit scalability issues. Some of the alternative chains include Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc., with unique features and much-improved scalability capabilities compared to Ethereum (ETH). Despite the number of competing blockchain networks, Ethereum stayed at the top of the DeFi market by a decent margin.

This market rose to a total value of over $180 billion by the end of 2021 but has suffered some severe value loss since then. The Terra blockchain of 2022 was another kick to the market while it was already down. As of September 2022, the DeFi market value stands around $50 billion, and there seems to be some excitement for it to regain value after Big Eyes Coin (BIG) launches.

The Feline Meme Token – Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme coin project to launch on the Ethereum blockchain, and it seems to be a promising event for the whole DeFi market. Memecoins have demonstrated their ability to drive insane liquidity into the market and orchestrate high trading volume. This was demonstrated in the bull market of 2021, as the market was in shambles before Dogecoin (DOGE) began the price pump. 

Big Eyes have demonstrated marketing prowess and community strength, the size of DOGE, and it would be pretty underestimating not to see the new meme coin drive volume into the cryptocurrency market. Big Eyes has managed to create a buzz around its cat mascot. The meme coin wants to erase the dog meme meta, and it could also push the narrative for dog lovers vs. cat lovers while users continue to trade the token on the market.

Despite Ethereum’s scalability issues, it is the most liquid network and has had success in helping meme coins as Shiba Inu grow. With the high transaction fees when the networks start to congest, users have shown no hesitance in trading their assets. Also, the Ethereum merge, which just concluded, is one of the five phases to get the network to become scalable, and having a meme coin to walk through that phase would be exciting for the crypto community. Big Eyes aims to bring all the fun by hosting events, contests, and giveaways while funding charities to save animals and the ocean worldwide. 

Presale Giveaway

Big Eyes coin has had an amazing presale event so far, raising $1 million in its first week of presale and almost reaching its target for the stage 2 presale. The project announced a $250k giveaway, which means to raffle to ten winners who bought the BIG token on presale.

The requirement to win the giveaway is as follows:

If you don’t have the token, it’s not too late to get in and buy it cheaply. Not only for the giveaway raffle, but you could be holding the next Dogecoin(DOGE), looking at the potential the new meme coin poses. 

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