Cake Wallet for Monero has Arrived on Android

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Altcoin ecosystems often appear to be dying slowly. In the case of Monero, things are still progressing smoothly.

The most recent development comes in the form of Cake Wallet for Monero launching on Android.

Another Major Development for Monero

Mobile devices play an increasing role of importance in the cryptocurrency industry.

Enabling support for different ecosystems on those devices is crucial.

Cake Wallet for Monero is open source, and currently in open beta.

The app also exists for iOS users, yet it took a while to get it through Google’s approval process. 

With this wallet, users control their own seed and keys.

It can also be used to restore older wallets, either by seed, private keys, or the MyMonero 13 word seed. 

Perhaps the most crucial piece of functionality is the built-in exchange solution.

Android users can convert XMR to other cryptocurrencies across two different exchanges.

Being able to swap between XMR and bitcoin, dash, USDT, or even binance coin is pretty significant.

So far, it appears that the Monero community is very happy with this new Android wallet.

As is usually the case, there may be some lingering bugs and kinks that need to be addressed in the weeks to come.

Potential features to come include hardware wallet support and F-Droid integration.

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