Caizcoin Launches New Website, Is Ready To Bring Ethical Revolution In Crypto Space


The much-awaited first Islam complaint cryptocurrency is here with a bang. Caizcoin has launched its new website with updated information and features along with a new whitepaper and lite paper to put forth its vision and journey in a better way. Leveraging on its unique blockchain, caiz is advancing rapidly and establishing new standards for crypto financing.

Caizcoin was created back in 2018 by Caiz Holding AG and a group of developers who aimed to do financial service to bring utility in the financial world.  Caiz Holding AG is a long-term investment company that focuses on new technologies and, through active influence and targeted investment, drives initiatives to create sustainable economic and social values for the company and the stakeholders. The holding’s management team consists of renowned lawyers, former board members, a compliance and audit officer, a former judge-notary, and a lawyer as secretary. Caizcoin is a 100% subsidiary of Caiz Holding AG based in Cham, Switzerland.

The team behind Caizcoin has envisioned a platform that offers financial freedom to investors and breaks the territorial boundaries restraining them. They want to introduce innovative financial solutions to make cryptocurrency trading profitable for investors while complying with Islamic economic principles.  Integrating Islamic values into decentralized technologies has always been an arduous task as these principles require investments, acquisitions, and transactions to follow moral virtues and contribute towards social welfare. Caizcoin has overcome these hurdles and built an innovative ecosystem that blends advanced blockchain technology with Islamic financial laws. Now anyone can trade with absolute peace of mind and enjoy borderless financing in a safe environment. 

The Caizcoin team has been working for months with advisors from diverse backgrounds, including scholars, economists, finance experts, and tech gurus, to build a blockchain that adheres to moral, financial norms and is certified by Islamic authorities. Through their continuous efforts of improving the platform, the company has obtained various certificates, including Zertifikate ISO9001, which establishes and assures its legitimacy.  

Caizcoin has aimed to make the platform as user-intuitive as possible to allow every investor to interact with its interface seamlessly at any stage of their financial journey. The team has rigorously tested its API to improve its performance and scalability. The ecosystem will also let the investors buy or sell their assets using multiple modes like Paypal, Debit/Credit cards, crypto wallets, and many more. It will encourage investors to donate for a noble cause and connect them securely with charitable organizations to facilitate an efficient way for donations. Caizcoin’s team emphasized user experience, for which they have introduced incomparable transaction speed in their ecosystem. With low transaction fees, higher transaction rate, decentralized and distributed Caizchain ledger, and advanced Consensus algorithm, they have developed Caizchain, the platform’s native blockchain, highly developed and efficient.  

Transparency is another aspect the Caizcoin team swears upon, and so, they have devised an incredible balance of traceability, openness, and privacy to induce trust and confidence in users. Filing the SEC S-q form is a step in furtherance of this commitment. It will allow investors from all over the world to look into the platform’s performance, judge it quantitatively and make informed decisions. To fuel their promise of making the cryptocurrency global and easy to use, the team is also developing a hyper-secure wallet to simplify trading. 

Caizcoin’s unique, one-of-a-kind approach is setting it apart from the existing crypto projects. Not only the idea behind it but also its efficiency and utility are being widely appreciated. An ecosystem with moral and ethical backing is a relatively new concept that is appealing to those people especially, those who are looking for opportunities to manage their digital assets in a safe environment. This out-of-the-box concept of cryptocurrency will soon overpower the negative aspects attached with crypto trading with its community-centric, morally-backed, conscience-infused approach.

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