Bytekode: Simplifying Web3 Transactions for Everyone

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Crypto will change the way our systems work forever. Distributed ledgers and the blockchain will have a far-reaching impact on our financial and social superstructure. Already, adoption of web3 imperatives are underway, as more and more people open their eyes to how crypto revolutionises everything. From gaming ecosystems to social networks, crypto creates networks of value that allows everyone in, and utilises digital ownership to place power into the hands of the people.

Why Web3 Adoption Has Slowed Down

Exciting times ahead, then – but there is an elephant in the room. Complexity. Being a new technology, smart contracts are not easy to understand for the average user. Signing transaction messages can feel uncomfortable, obscure, and confusing – with the smart contract itself often taken on trust rather than understanding. For non-fluent users of crypto, terms like slippage, wrapping, gas, and bridge fees only serve to alienate the end-user, perhaps pushing them away from crypto altogether.

The issue is even more pronounced when it comes to using a block explorer or analytics platform. The information they offer can only be reasonably parsed by someone with proficient technical knowledge about how the blockchain works. The insights that can be gleaned available only to the few with the capacity to translate the information provided.

How End-Users React to Confusion

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Together, these two issues end up causing exactly the issues crypto is designed to solve: accessibility to finance, freedom from centralised systems, agency over one’s own financial affairs.

There are two reactions to the obfuscation in crypto. Either a user ignores it, and trusts what they are being told externally (breaking the purpose of self-custody over money), or they spend time and energy to learn everything about it. The second case is far rarer than the first. There is a third option, a user is immediately alienated, and decides crypto is not for them – slowing adoption. If a user can’t understand what’s happening with their money, why would they ever choose to use it over traditional fiat? Crypto, then, has an accessibility problem – and it’s one that needs to be solved.

How Bytekode Makes Understanding Crypto Easy

Bytekode is aimed at solving exactly this problem. It’s a developer tooling platform that lets dapp developers furnish their dapp with easy-to-read and easy-to-understand ‘translations’ of typical blockchain operations. It takes unintelligible strings provided by smart contracts and converts them into simple, readable messages that even someone who knows nothing about crypto is able to use.

By doing so, it allows developers to focus on building the utility behind their token or ecosystem, without getting caught up in how to make it accessible for their users, delaying development time and taking their attention away from what’s important. With Bytekode, any dapp can make transaction messages and history as easy as ABC (or, perhaps, 1, 2, 3).

Abstracting away the underlying complexities of the blockchain is the essential next stop in driving mass adoption to web3. Web3 needs to be as easy as web2. The blockchain needs to be as fluid for the user as their traditional apps, otherwise the advantages of DLTs will continue to be left on the shelf and the bear will continue to drive down the market. Everyone is crypto-curious, who wouldn’t be, but those who follow that curiosity are swiftly shut down by the enormous complexity they find.

A Complete Suite of Analytics for the Everyman

Bytekode’s long term mission is to build a block explorer and analytics platform that anyone – even someone with no crypto knowledge – can follow. Want to see what FTX sent all its user’s funds without painstakingly going through every transaction ID? Bytekode will do that. Want to track the expenditure of a DAO wallet you are invested in – Bytekode will present that information in complete layman’s terms for every user, not just those experiences in how these platforms work.

By making crypto UX less repulsive, opening up accessibility to all, and giving any dapp developer the tools they need for a simple-to-follow UI by using the Bytekode SDK. Working multichain and multiplatform, Bytekode is building the basics that the blockchain needs for web3 to truly go mainstream and feel comfortable for the everyday average user. Their work promises to have knock on effects on the industry by powering user uptake and allowing dapps that otherwise would have been shunned by casual users and opening them up to a whole new userbase.

Revealing the Road to Adoption

Web3 doesn’t need to be complex. There is no reason that the blockchain can’t be simple to understand for everyone, it just hasn’t been done yet. Bytekode is doing the work to get the average person the tools they need to understand how crypto works, and making any dapp as simple to use as a standard banking app. This crucial work will create more adoption of web3 and help DLTs realise their full potential.

Can’t crack the code to crypto? Bytekode does it for you. Follow their progress on Twitter or head over to their website if you’re a dapp developer for early access to their toolset.

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