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As we have already said, stablecoins are fiat-secured digital coins with a fixed value, the exchange rate of which is supported by real currencies or other assets. The essence of these cryptocurrencies is stability, digital display of fiat money, and their free conversion into virtual coins. Stablecoins close the gap between cryptocurrencies and real money, and their main advantages are security, transparency, and stability.

Stable assets have emerged in the market precisely to protect depositors from excessive cryptocurrency volatility and the unpredictability of the crypto market. Why are they used?

Mostly stable coins are used in trade transactions and buy Tether TRC20 (USDT) by Visa and MasterCard card at

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It is more convenient and cheaper than using fiat money or, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, stablecoins allow traders and depositors to easily and profitably exit digital currencies. Users do not need to withdraw cryptocurrencies to fiat, so you can save on interest and commissions. Also, cryptocurrencies with the help of stable coins manage to circumvent the limitations of the Credit Card USD, which apply to unregulated trading platforms.

How to buy

Having at your disposal the Tether TRC-20 cryptocurrency, wanting to convert it into currencies, it is best to do this through electronic exchangers. Working with them is more profitable than with cryptocurrency exchanges or P2P exchange sites, and safer than changing assets through Telegram bots or individuals. Plus, exchange services have additional advantages:

  • most of them work around the clock;
  • You can convert both small and fairly large amounts;
  • the exchange takes a little time, often – no more than an hour;
  • deal with the features of the transaction is not difficult;
  • if necessary, you can exchange other types of digital, electronic, and fiat currencies.

As for the security of cooperation, it should be noted that among the exchangers there are projects created by scammers to deceive users. But it is easy to get around such sites. You just need to select a service provider on a specialized monitoring portal, and not on your own through a search engine. This way you will know that you are considering verified offers, and you cannot worry about the risks. And how to choose an exchange service, we will consider further.

Choosing an exchange service for currency conversion

First, let’s decide which monitoring portal to work with. The most popular is BestChange. And this is fully justified several of important advantages of the site. For example, this portal provides the largest list of exchangers offering Tether TRC20 (USDT) withdrawals to Visa and MasterCard in any currency. Here you are sure to find suitable terms of the deal. The main thing is to carefully compare the available options. It is recommended to do this according to the following criteria:

  • Tether to currency conversion rate;
  • the presence of an additional commission;
  • Credit card reserve;
  • the minimum and maximum amount of convertible amounts;
  • fixing the course on the application and its conditions;
  • the number of positive reviews for each service.

Having picked up a suitable offer, you just have to make a deal. And to solve this problem will be quite easy. To be convinced of this, take a closer look at the sequence of currency exchange through the list of e-exchangers and read more:

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