Burn to Earn: How Fitmint Lets You Exercise Your Way into Web 3

We all want to be healthier. They say exercise is so good for the body that, if it were a pill, doctors would prescribe it to every patient they have. It gives you confidence, happiness, and makes you live longer.

Exercising is hard. It takes a lot of motivation, the rewards aren’t instant, and it’s a struggle to find a community to share it with. It’s also quite dull, and it’s easy to get discouraged.

Fitmint will provide users with encouragement, it will create a community of fitness fanatics connected to Web 3, and most importantly it will let those who take care of themselves earn real-world value in the form of $FITT tokens. These tokens can be unused to unlock features in the app, upgrade Fitmint’s sneaker NFTs, or be cashed for real-world value.

What is Fitmint?

Fitmint is a move-to-earn project that rewards people for putting in the work to make themselves the best they can be. 

When they exercise, users will earn rewards in $FITT tokens simply by exercising. They can walk, run, play sports, or lift weights – and Fitmint will reward them.

No cryptocurrency or blockchain knowledge will be required to earn through Fitmint. It’s open to everyone. All users have to do is mint a pair of Fitmint’s NFT sneakers and they are ready to burn calories and earn money for doing so.

Gaming, Social, and DeFi – The Fitmint Social App

Fitmint will create a gaming and social ecosystem that helps users be accountable for their fitness goals, and be able to share their progress with like-minded people. It will combine Game-Fi and Social-Fi – the next evolution of DeFi – to bring a world class exercise platform that is fully integrated with Web 3.0.

It will have in-built social features so that you, your friends, and even strangers, can band together to create exercise competitions. These will be fully customisable, giving groups and tournament organisers boundless ways to create their own unique tournaments. It’s a fun, involving, social way to keep you on track for your exercise goals. And who knows – you may even win a handsome pot of money if you come out on top.

How NFT Sneakers Unlock Fitmint’s Gameplay

To get involved with Fitmint, users will purchase their ‘OG Basics’ sneaker in the form of an NFT. Just as you need shoes everywhere you go, so a user’s Fitmint sneakers will unlock everything in the app. The NFT sneakers unlocks daily passive income, and allows users to throw themselves into everything Fitmint has to offer. 

Each pair of sneakers will have their own stats. Users can level their NFTS over time and further unlock gameplay rewards. There will be five types of sneakers, ranging from basic through to Athlete and all the way to Legend. 

Users can upgrade their sneakers, breed new sneakers, and unlock more gameplay through their efforts. This in turn creates a thriving secondary marketplace where users can sell their prized sneakers to new users who want to get involved in the fitness revolution.

Get Fit, Get $FITT

As soon as you have your pair of NFT sneakers, you can start earning $FITT. All types of exercise will make $FITT tokens pour into your wallet.

$FITT tokens are the oil that lubricates the entire engine of the exercise economy. $FITT can be used to level up sneakers, repair them, boost their attributes, and be wagered in exercise competitions with friends and strangers. 

Once the app moves out of beta, $FITT can be cashed out for $MATIC. $FITT can also be staked to earn a compounding rate of return from an allocated early-adopter supply. It will eventually also grant governance rights for the direction of the Fitmint ecosystem once a broad base of users has been established.

FITT is an ERC-20 token that is deployed on Polygon, the lightning-fast layer 2 that is enabling a whole host of gaming ecosystem projects to flourish on Ethereum.

Working Out How to Make the World Fitter

Fitmint is an innovative project that makes exercise pay. The vision is to create an ecosystem that encourages millions, if not billions, of people around the world to make themselves the best they can be, and make them wealthier and healthier for doing so. 

By creating a gamified, social hub that incentivises even the most reluctant exerciser to get out there and work out, Fitment will provide the inspirational gateway for millions to exercise.

Fitment’s beta has been launched,, and the gates are open for users to download the app, So, sign in, sign up, and get out there to be part of the move-to-earn revolution. You can find out more about Fitmint and stay up to date by following their Twitter or joining their Discord.

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