Burger King in Venezuela now Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies


Some interesting crypto-related rumors have surfaced in Venezuela. Some local sources claim it is now possible to eat at Burger King and pay with various cryptocurrencies.

Although these are still unconfirmed reports, it would create a very peculiar precedent.

Burger King in Venezuela Takes a Gamble

Venezuela is one of the many struggling nations when it comes to finances.

Hyperinflation is still a very real threat in this region.

Despite launching its own native cryptocurrency, no one wants to deal with the Petro at this time.

This explains why it remains a prominent region for trading bitcoin in a peer-to-peer manner.

Finding use cases for bitcoin and select altcoins has not been easy in Venezuela.

It now seems that Burger King may lend a helping hand in this department.

Some users claim they can use bitcoin, litecoin, ether, dash, and binance coin to pay at local Burger King restaurants.

Assuming this is true, it would be a very surprising turn of events.

Burger King is experimenting with crypto payments in select regions.

The BK in Arnhem Bitcoincity accepts BTC payments.

In Russia, it seemed as if the Whoppercoin would be launched a few years ago, yet that plan never materialized.

Venezuela direly needs some positive news in the financial department.

Whether this is it, is a different matter altogether. 

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