BullCryp’s Cryptocurrency Portfolio Dashboard is Available for Beta Testing

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Keeping track of one’s cryptocurrency trades can become rather complicated. Users rely on different wallets and exchanges to perform these tasks. Having a unified dashboard at one’s disposal can make a world of difference. BullCryp plans to provide such a solution, as its product has entered the beta testing phase.

Keeping Tabs on Cryptocurrency Portfolios

One has to acknowledge cryptocurrencies are a very hot commodity right now. Despite mixed market sentiments, the interest in Bitcoin and altcoins isn’t diminishing. This also makes it even more difficult for users to keep tabs on their actual cryptocurrency trading behavior. With so many exchanges and wallets to use, getting a detailed overview is almost impossible.

BullCryp aims to solve this problem by offering a cryptocurrency trading dashboard. The service is currently in open beta and will provide users with valuable insights. It tracks cryptocurrencies across a plethora of exchange and trading platforms. Additionally, the dashboard gives users an overview of their portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses. Diversification is key in cryptocurrency, perhaps now more than ever before.

Another interesting feature of this portfolio is the support to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. For now, BullCryp supports just a few exchanges, but more will be added over time. Buying currencies from Poloniex and Binance will be available for all beta testers from the get-go. These are two of the popular altcoin exchanges, after all.  Support for Bittrex and the major cryptocurrency exchanges would be a nice addition for the future.

Tools like these can make a world of difference for both novice and advanced traders alike. A cryptocurrency portfolio is always undergoing changes. Volatility is the name of the game in the cryptocurrency industry. Jumping on new opportunities is an option which needs to be explored at all times. Doing so from one convenient dashboard will make cryptocurrency trading more appealing. That is, assuming additional exchanges will be integrated accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Tools like these are another sign of how the cryptocurrency industry is maturing. Financial experts have tools like these to determine the position of their portfolio at all times. It is only normal such solutions come to market for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well. The BullCryp offering seemingly has a lot of potential in this regard. The market is wide open for competitors to emerge. More competition will lead to innovative developments for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios in the long run.

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