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Build a Passive Income today with HOvR NFT Marketplace

Opensea had sales revenue of 5Bn USD for the month of January 2022 alone, what if you could share in that fee?

Trading is indeed exciting and profitable, but one cannot ignore the associated risks. The volatile crypto market has witnessed several ups and downs, and the recent market crash wiped off billions of USD. It led to many investors seeking options that provide a passive income and offer sustainability and long-term growth. The search ends with HovR, a platform that allows you to develop a Web 3.0 domain, generate NFTs that can be used both in games and the metaverse, and experiment with a wide range of assets that can be used as NFTs.

HovR, developed on the Qi blockchain, is a project that intends to deliver passive rewards in addition to the ones for referrals. Also, the Gas Fee has been kept considerably low, probably the least amongst all successful projects in the space, to allow maximum participation from the community and encourage trading. The Gas Fee is a deterrent for many investors, and by keeping it on the lower side, HovR has gotten off to a great start.

HovR was the first platform to allow storing of a Will (a legal document detailing the distribution of property after death) on the blockchain and even created a PDF file type NFT, another first in the space and something perceived to be impossible in the past. The platform plans to focus on NFTs with a use case, either in De-Fi games, the metaverse, or even letters of wishes, similar to wills, tickets, and health reports, amongst others.

HovR’s marketplace will list some of the best NFTs one will come across in the space. Created by the most talented artists and presented to a vast audience, these are bound to fetch a high price. The platform intends to bring the best out of artists by rewarding them for their creativity. HovR will share up to 80% of the 2.5% transaction fee it charges on the NFT marketplace with the creator and referral partners.

HovR will release a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on the largest cities in the world by population and allow it to be used in Play-to-Earn games to deliver excitement and profits. A collection called the HovR Hooligans. Also, HovR plans to release several NFT-based games in the coming days, Pawsome 3D Dog Racing being the first of the lot.

But more than anything, HovR as a platform will allow users to generate a stable passive income that will continue to pour in even in the absence of active participation. It will be achieved through the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model employed by HovR. Multi-Level Marketing is known as the industry that makes the most millionaires.

In the future Hovr aims to have a lot more NFT products other than digital collections to allow you to share in like .qie domains, physical products partnerships, event ticketing, etc.

How do rewards work on HovR?

Multi-Level Marketing is basically a model that forms a chain between the person who was referred and the person who sent the referral. And everyone who registers on the platform through a referral will be linked to the one who first sent it out. To understand it better, let’s take an example. Say, John referred Michael, who, in turn, referred Jacob, who then invited Paula, and she sent out an invite to Robert. In Multi-Level Marketing, Robert, the last one to join, would be linked to John, the first one, and John will receive a percentage of the sales commission earned by Robert, along with the others in this chain.

HovR’s referral program works up to 5 levels. So, John wouldn’t receive a share of the earnings of anyone invited by Robert.

And it’s where the magic begins! Create an extensive network by referring several people and getting them to invite more. Once the network is big enough, you can sit back and relax while the wallet fills up with sales commission based on nft sales. HOvR Allows you to share in the sales commission of thousands of people.

Let’s again take John’s case as an example. Say, John invited 5 people, and they all referred 5 users each, and everyone individually managed to sell 5 NFTs worth only $1000 (Average NFT selling price). Here, John would receive almost $50,000 ($49,250, to be accurate) per month.

To join Level 1 of MLM on HovR, members are required to pay 25 Qie coins and earn 30% from the sales made by the users they refer. With another 25 Qie, they get to Level 2 and receive a 20% commission on the sales made by people who were invited by the ones they referred. Similarly, members can pay 25 Qie each to move one step up the ladder until they reach Level 5. The commission for Levels 3, 4, and 5 stands at 10%. A user is required to have at least 1 referral per level to upgrade to the next level of commission sharing and be able to pay 25 QIE. HovR provides the infrastructure to the global community to build their business within a business. As MLM is a numbers game you will notice in participation in level 4 and 5 is where is the big money is made.

The trick here lies in referring creative and talented content creators who can mint the catchy NFTs that will fetch a high price in the HovR marketplace. Because the higher the value of the NFT, the more you get as commission! Think if you can refer only someone that sells the next Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Collection? A billion USD collection of which a 30% referral commission of the 2.5% fee will lead to 7.5m USD in sales commission alone!

If you can mint NFTs or are good at convincing people, join HovR today and generate a steady stream of funds! It’s going to be a long and exciting journey.

List of top earners in network marketing businesses:

Rank Name Organization Country Annual Income (est.)
1 Omar Salazar XIFRA Mexico $19,200,000
2 Ivan & Monika Tapia IM Mastery Academy USA $18,000,000
3 Sergio Penunuri XIFRA Mexico $17,040,000
4 Jenna Zwagil MyDailyChoice USA $12,720,000
5 Stormy Wellington Total Life Changes USA $12,000,000
6 Jason Brown & Matthew Rosa IM Mastery Academy USA $9,600,000
7 Amira Habib & Paulo Tuynman OmegaPro Netherlands $9,000,000
8 Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier Jeunesse Italy, Germany $8,760,000
9 Allan Badilla & Laura Castro BE Costa Rica $8,760,000
10 Rolf Kipp Forever Living Products Germany $8,400,000


To find out more about HovR, visit the official website:

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