Budblockz (BLUNT) vs DopeCoin (DOPE) vs HempCoin (HEMP)

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The global legalized cannabis market was worth an estimated US$28 billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach over US$200 billion by the end of this decade. Another international trend has been the increasing adoption of blockchain in various aspects of industries, businesses, and everyday lives. 

It was inevitable that the two spheres would intersect, but the differing approaches and their future roles are worth exploring.


BudBlockz is developing an ecosystem with a decentralized economy where token holders can buy and exchange cannabis-related goods and services. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and facilitates safe and secure access to the global marijuana market with encrypted peer-to-peer purchasing, avoiding centralized banks.  

The aim is to build a highly supportive community for everyone involved in the industry – from growers and dispensaries to users and investors. BudBlockz is also the world’s first asset-backed marijuana NFT, with purchasers owning a percentage of a dispensary or farm. Users are also rewarded with collectables and tokens and can speculate on expanding cannabis markets.

In addition, those who hold a $BLUNT token and are a BudBlockz DAO member are allowed to make proposals relating to the platform, vote on the ecosystem’s development, and be more involved in its direction.  

The $BLUNT token model, open NFT marketplace, partial ownership investment opportunities, and transparent governance will drive the ecosystem’s growth and increase engagement. BudBlockz is an expanding community for anyone who wants to get involved in the cannabis industry.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT)

Official Website: https://budblockz.io

Telegram Group: https://t.me/BudBlockz

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/s7hBFgvTmN

All BudBlockz Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz


DopeCoin’s mission is to make it easy for marijuana enthusiasts to conduct business using a decentralized digital currency similar to Bitcoin. Essentially, it is an online payment system and currency that allows users to send money to each other. It is a bit like PayPal or Visa, except that no one owns or profits from it. 

The advantage of DopeCoin’s online finance network is that users can make anonymous transactions within a minute and with no associated fees. It works on a peer-to-peer infrastructure created by a network of computers around the world. 

The way it works is that users can send or receive DopeCoins by generating an address from their wallet or exchange and copying the address of someone with whom they want to send or receive money. This is a decentralized and anonymous way for money to be transferred anywhere on the planet. Users are rewarded for using DopeCoins via a staking bonus of 5 percent, which just requires their desktop wallet to be left open. 


The aim of HempCoin is to provide a blockchain interface for the agricultural industry to help make transactions easier for the rapidly expanding international agricultural trade sector. It has since grown into a network that augments multiple aspects of the industry.

The platform has an incentivized platform for agricultural management and transactions to promote growth in the sector. It features rewards for ‘locking up’ its $THC coin every 60 days.  

HempCoin has a lot of experience in blockchain, and its $THC coin gives its clients the ability to control their own independent blockchain infrastructure. In addition, it uses a 100 percent Proof of Stake secured to the Bitcoin network by Delayed Proof of Work. This provides increased security and scope for growth. 

Looking to the future

All three offer different services with some similarities. As you would expect from a digital currency that uses decentralized blockchain, there is a strong focus on security and anonymity. 

DopeCoin is essentially a financial peer-to-peer network, whereas HempCoin has a broader focus on the agricultural sector. BudBlockz offers easy and secure transactions with a market, investment opportunities, and a much stronger emphasis on the burgeoning cannabis sector. 

All three have their merits depending on the user. Those in the agricultural industry looking to utilize blockchain might prefer HempCoin. Those looking for simple but anonymous transactions might like DopeCoin. However, for investors, cannabis enthusiasts, and those looking to get more involved in the sector, BudBlockz has more appeal. 

To purchase your $BLUNT tokens visit the official BudBlockz website https://budblockz.io

Step 1: Click the “sign up” button at the top of the page 

Step 2: Create a Budblockz account. Ensure you use a valid email address.

Step 3: From your client dashboard, click the “buy $BLUNT” button

Step 4: set the amount you want to purchase and the currency you want to order in

Step 5: Make the payment to the provided wallet address

Step 6: Receive your tokens!

For more information or to purchase BudBlockz (BLUNT) tokens visit https://budblockz.io

Join the BudBlockz Discord, Telegram, Twitter or Instagram: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

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