BruntWork’s Solution to ‘The Great Resignation’ Using Remote Assistants


Employees are changing jobs in record numbers, which has caused HR leaders to face the daunting situation of how to increase benefits to retain an employee who may shortly resign.

BruntWork CEO Winston Ong suggests using outsourced remote assistants to help with the employee retention problem.

A recent survey indicates that most workers leave their jobs for better pay and benefits.

Analysts believe this mass exodus is creating both financial and administrative issues for employers, with no end in sight.

By all indications, the Great Resignation is not just a trend. It is causing and will continue to cause businesses to re-examine their approach to building and maintaining a team,” shares Ong.

The movement, which has persisted, has changed the employer-workforce dynamic and redefined expectations at every level.

Talent is increasingly challenging to retain. More so as the internet has become a great equaliser. Employees see the benefits others are receiving and want that for themselves.

This was further aggravated by the pandemic, which accustomed workers to the flexibility and balance of a work-home environment. Remote work has even become a bargaining chip for many employees.

The Solution

While business analysts believe the Great Resignation will resolve itself in time, it will still create a somewhat transformed workplace in which internet-based outsourcing plays a significant role.

Talent is expensive, but the current global economic conditions push businesses to outsource highly competent assistants offshore at an overall rate significantly lower than what the same skill level would cost onsite.

Developing countries like the Philippines and India can provide the opportunity to engage remote assistants trained and ready to handle recurring and specialised administrative tasks and functions that can keep entrepreneurs from focusing on growing their businesses.

BruntWork’s Pool of Remote Assistants

For months, businesses worldwide have been fretting over a terrifying new reality: employees have the leverage to demand higher wages and better conditions, leaving enterprises to outsource roles to evade the rising costs of hiring local employees.

Globally, outsourcing company BruntWork steps up as a remote assistant marketplace that connects a talented pool of individuals with business owners. Web 3.0 companies, crypto exchanges and NFTs are among the many clients that BruntWork services.

We work towards a common goal, that is to help entrepreneurs achieve the business growth they envision. We pool trained remote assistants ready from day one,” shares Ong.

He further reveals that the company receives tons of applications daily, and only 5% make the cut. “We need to ensure that we can maintain our pool of highly qualified workers,” he adds.

Ong further states, “We understand what is happening in the workforce and the important role outsourcing plays today. BruntWork can help effect that change and growth, especially since companies who work with us do not have to ‘break the bank’ to gain and retain employees.”

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