Broker EXANTE donates $1m for UNICEF’s aid to children affected by the conflict in Ukraine

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EXANTE made a $1 million donation to UNICEF activities. THE FUNDS RAISED WILL PROVIDE A RAPID RESPONSE TO EMERGENCY SITUATIONS IN UKRAINE. The funds raised will enable a rapid response to emergencies in Ukraine. They will provide support to the most vulnerable children who have been affected by prolonged war, as well as refugees to neighbouring countries.

EXANTE made a $1 million donation to UNICEF activities. THE FUNDS RAISED WILL PROVIDE A RAPID RESPONSE TO EMERGENCY SITUATIONS IN UKRAINE. The funds raised will enable a rapid response to emergencies in Ukraine. They will provide support to the most vulnerable children who have been affected by prolonged war, as well as refugees to neighbouring countries.


EXANTE is a global technology broker that offers access to over half a million financial instruments. The organization provides direct access from a single account to over 50 financial markets. In doing so, the broker uses its own award-winning proprietary trading platform.

Today EXANTE is called a professional broker providing financial institutions with its infrastructure as well as centralized investment solutions. EXANTE holds licenses for financial services to corporate and private clients issued by European and Asian regulators. The brokerage company protects information about transactions, including users’ personal data. It helps you invest freely with maximum efficiency and confidence in your own security.

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EXANTE Broker Principles:

Freedom of action is an innate right of every human being.

Digitalization with the globalization of financial flows leads to a permanent movement of markets. Information and capital have become identical concepts for the modern world. Businesses, people, and artificial intelligence need to be able to communicate freely and conduct transactions without barriers.EXANTE, a private brokerage company, decides for itself what is best for its clients and shareholders. It is not bound to rely on outside investors. Thanks to this freedom, the broker works, making plans for the long term.

Privacy protection.

EXANTE is not just a broker that values privacy, but a specially protected space. Here the collection of users’ personal data is restricted and is used exclusively for compliance purposes.The company treats customers as its partners, making a profit when they make a profit.

Be the catalyst.

For EXANTE, it is not enough just to create an innovative service or product. The broker considers it necessary to challenge the current status quo, to have an impact on financial services. He inspires his team members to make technological breakthroughs. Only such an approach can be considered innovative and long-term.The founders and employees of EXANTE use their product themselves on a daily basis. They always rely on their own solutions, bypassing unsustainable external trends. The broker develops innovative technologies and services based on its experience as well as user feedback.

Customer care is a top priority.

EXANTE provides its users with a personalized service for all areas – from the UX platform to the support service. The broker helps clients with all possible ways of communication in their native language.

All of EXANTE’s clients have access to individual account manager’s services, 24/7 access to support, and their queries are answered within 3 minutes after their request. Attitude towards clients is the main component of the broker’s success.

EXANTE trading broker provides direct access to global markets, as well as to any class of financial instruments from a single multi-currency account. This includes stocks, bonds, futures, ETFs and options. Thanks to EXANTE’s comprehensive, customizable white-label solution, a financial institution can launch an innovative product in a matter of weeks.

The founders of EXANTE broker saw the latest technology as a way to improve global connectivity within the financial services industry. To eliminate delays and fragmentation, they created a single platform to provide centralized access to a vast array of instruments. The transmission of market data to investors became real-time. Personal service and privacy began to play a key role in investment services.

Over the last decade EXANTE has earned a high reputation in the market. The broker is valued for achieving financial results as well as for the premium level of service its partners deserve. Inspired by the ambition and talent of its clients, EXANTE continues to innovate its financial services and products.


The organization operates in more than 190 countries of the world. UNICEF saves children’s lives, protects their rights, and helps them realize their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.

By reaching the most vulnerable, the company has helped reduce the world’s child mortality rate. It promotes quality learning for every boy and girl, especially those at greatest risk of falling behind their peers.

UNICEF helps reduce poverty by shielding the next generation from its lifelong consequences. Representatives of the organization are on the ground in emergency situations to bring vital and lasting help to children as well as their families.

UNICEF empowers women by ensuring their full participation in social, economic and political systems. The company works with partners from all sectors to co-create innovative solutions that accelerate progress for young people.

UNICEF ensures continued access to life-saving commodities where they are needed most. It strives to accelerate results for the most vulnerable populations. UNICEF global initiatives and programmes are based on thoughtful analysis and careful research on the situation of children.

Aid to Ukraine

As of the end of March, some 4 million people were refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Of these, 90% are women and children, who are most vulnerable to significant risks that include exploitation as well as human trafficking.

The escalation of violence in Ukraine is a prime example of the child rights crisis. UNICEF’s task is to be there, providing critical services to families, children and women in times of need.

EXANTE is greatly concerned about the increasing humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Ukraine. It is very painful to see the impact of the crisis on young lives.

As a result, the company’s shareholders are compelled to act, as real actions speak louder than any words. If we are unable to change what is happening, there is hope that our donations will make a difference by helping those affected.

The scale of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, as well as neighbouring countries, has expanded rapidly. To date, some 858 tonnes of basic necessities, medicines, hygiene kits, winter clothing, leisure and educational goods for children have been delivered.

Special points of social-emotional support for children were opened in 29 stations of Kharkiv subway. During the last 2 weeks they sheltered about 17.5 thousand people. The premises have educational materials for art therapy, reading, games, learning as well as emotional support. The facilitators provide all kinds of learning support and entertainment activities for boys and girls of school and pre-school age.

You can follow EXANTE activities in Ukraine with your own social networks to see where the money goes.

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