Bridging the gap between the Ethereum Mainnet and ERP Systems


Advancing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry can only be done through dedicated efforts. The recently introduced EMINENT task force aims to achieve that goal for Ethereum. 

Most people are familiar with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, or EEA.

A Major Step Forward for Ethereum

This group has a Mainnet Working Group, which has now formed a new task force called EMINENT.

The Ethereum mainnet Integration for Enterprises will focus on bridging the gap between the Ethereum mainnet and legacy corporate systems. 

Several core EEA member organizations will contribute tot his ongoing development.

ChainLink, Anyblock Analytics, and Unibright are just a few of the core contributors to this new task force. 

It will be challenging to rearrange legacy systems, primarily the centralized ERP-systems.

The centralized nature of such systems has caused problems in terms of interacting with others.

The EMINENT group will look at handling growing amounts of data, storage solutions, and messaging solutions, among other aspects.

Gaps between centralized systems and smart contracts remain quite large, at this time. 

Building an open source reference implementation or the Ethereum mainnet integration with enterprise systems will be the first order of business.

It is expected that this group will be active for up to 24 months, after which some tangible solution must be presented. 

For Ethereum, this new development can be a pretty big deal. 

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