Brian Klein Will Represent Virgil Griffith in Court

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The Virgil Griffith story continues to make media headlines. It now appears the Ethereum Foundation member will be represented in court by Brian Klein.

For those unfamiliar with Klein, he is a regulatory defense and civil litigation expert, as well as a partner at Baker Marquart LLP.

Virgil Griffith and Brian Klein

This seems to confirm the court case involving Virgil Griffith could be just around the corner.

Klein explains how the judge presiding over the case thinks Griffith should not be held in custody any longer.

More specifically, he would be able to walk out of jail until the official trial commences.

Furthermore, Klein is convinced the criminal complaint is filled with untested allegations.

This would refer to how Griffith allegedly “aided” North Korea in creating a way to circumvent financial sanctions imposed upon the country.

While Griffith did visit North Korea, he attended a conference and gave a presentation.

That is about as far as the “criminal evidence” can be taken, unless the FBI knows something the rest of the world doesn’t. 

Moreover, Brian Klein confirms Virgil is looking forward to telling his version of the story once the trial actually begins.

Rest assured a lot of information will come from this court case, either for better or worse.

Having reliable representation in a court case like this will be crucial for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

A lot of eyes will be on the Virgil Griffith story for quite some time to come. 

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