Even though all of the major cryptocurrencies have continued their downward spiral over the past couple of weeks, it has now come to light that the US government is actively facilitating new research into blockchain technology by providing an economic grant to a female researcher associated with the University of California-San Diego.

The Inside Scoop

According to a blog entry on the official National Science Foundation (NSF) website, the organization is providing Subhashini Sivagnanam, a data scientist and researcher at the San Diego Supercomputing Center, with a grant that is estimated to be in excess of $810K.

Sivagnanam is now tasked with the development of the Open Science Chain (OSC), a proposed distributed ledger that is being designed to help users ‘access and verify data collected through scientific experiments’ in an efficient and streamlined fashion.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the creation of the OSC entails

“A web-based cyberinfrastructure platform built using distributed ledger technologies that allow researchers to provide metadata and verification information about their scientific datasets and update this information as the datasets change and evolve over time in an auditable manner.”

As a result of this, the OSC platform will allow researchers to catalog their work within a dynamic ecosystem that is able to update information in real time. Not only that, since all of the data present on the system is verifiable, scientists will also be able to better trust the data they are examining.

More about the NSF

As the name suggests, the NSF is a stalwart of American scientific research and has time and again been at the forefront of cutting-edge technological innovation. The organization is state funded and has direct access to a host of federal resources, thereby making it a premier destination for global scientific talent.

In the years gone by, the US government via the NSF and various other research agencies has looked into different blockchain projects that are designed to be employed within various industrial use cases.

Final Take

It has long become clear that blockchain technology possesses immense economic and scientific potential and is thus here to stay. However, with the US government now actively pursuing research projects using this technology, it now remains to be seen how this digital space continues to mature and evolve moving forward.

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