As Bloomberg reported nearly a month back, several high-profile crypto companies have been in talks with Nasdaq to chalk out the future of today’s rapidly evolving digital asset market. And even though the specifics of these meetings have not yet been disclosed to the public yet, it is being said that these conversations could spur the advancement of two ‘highly specific crypto-related developments’ in the near future.

Top Crypto Coins Coming to Nasdaq Soon?

As per two sources linked closely with the Winklevosses, Gemini, the exchanged owned by the twins, is now close to striking a deal with Nasdaq which will allow both the companies to “list tokens and provide liquidity on a global scale”.

While nothing has been set in stone as of yet, the plan is apparently designed to help Nasdaq list the top market cap coins for trade and exchange throughout the world.

Speaking with CCN, one of the two unnamed sources was quoted as saying

“Tyler and Cameron have moved the ball down the field in a meaningful way. Nasdaq, and its leadership, already are predisposed to finding an architecture solution and being the first to list actual tokens. Not just ETF’s or futures or some ‘derivative’ of the crypto apparatus…but rather list actual coins. They are getting very comfortable with the structures they’ve seen from Gemini, and the other research they’ve done with exchanges of note. There is a timeline forming for this decision and it could be earlier than some might think.”

And while the first source remained quite elusive about the timing of the move, the second source was a bit more specific with his details:

“Nasdaq and Gemini have gotten very, very comfortable with each other. Did you guys catch the little note in one of the latest articles where it said that Gemini was essentially doubling their staff by the end of this year? There is a reason for that and it is their work with Nasdaq. If you made me take a bet on it, I’d put money on their being a joint venture of some sort that sees several tokens listed and available to the public to trade on the Nasdaq by Q2 of 2019. If the people involved in the planning are telling me the truth, that is the bet I’d make…and these aren’t just tea leaves pieced together here – I asked three and four times and kept hearing what I am telling you. Remember, there is serious competition between these global exchanges to get there with cryptos. Nasdaq wants to plant a flag in the ground no different than Intercontinental (ICE), CBOE, CME, all of them.”

Final Take

According to independent news sources supposedly associated with Gemini as well as Nasdaq, the aforementioned meetings “definitely took place” and could possibly usher in a new era of crypto-based finance.

Even though the digital asset market still has its fair share of issues related to transaction efficiency and liquidity, the Winklevoss twins have actively been working on a solution that could bridge this gap and help mature this market space quickly.

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