Brave Search Comes Out Of Beta After Surpassing 2.5 Billion Queries

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When the Brave browser team rolled out its Search functionality, many wondered how successful it would be. Competing with established search engines like Google is a very tall order, although Brave Search notes strong growth. In fact, it hit a new monthly high for queries in May 2022, bringing its total to over 2.5 billion in the first year. 

Brave Search Keeps Building Momentum

Although one cannot deny the convenience of Google as a search engine, there is a steep trade-off to consider. Like other major technology firms, Google will harvest significant amounts of user data for every search query you perform. That explains why you might Google something today and see ads for it everywhere in the coming days/weeks. It is a very powerful system and one that erodes user privacy beyond belief.

While there are other search engines to use, none of them has gained much momentum. Microsoft’s Bing and DuckDuckGo are two of the more prominent solutions, although there are far more options out there. Brave, the privacy-oriented browser, launched its native Search solution roughly a year ago. The Brave Search solution is privacy-protecting and an independent alternative to the Bings and Googles of the world. 

As Brave Search is now officially out of beta, it is worthwhile to see how things have gone so far. As expected, the uptake of this new search engine alternative has been relatively slow. The first few months after the launch saw under 100 million monthly queries, although the volume quickly picked up since November 2021. Fast forward to May 2022, and Brave Search’s monthly queries have surpassed 411.7 million. 

The Alternative Approach Works

One thing to keep in mind is how Brave Search offers results without relying on other search engines, unlike DuckDuckGo. Instead, it has an in-house developed web index which is updated regularly to provide users with more accurate query results. Moreover, Brave Search does not track users, what they search for, or what they click on. It is a thorn in the side of advertisers and data harvesters, and this approach keeps gaining momentum. 

With over 2.5 billion queries in the first year, one cannot deny the appeal and success of Brave Search to date. Although its numbers pale in comparison to Google and Bing, it remains the fastest-growing search engine since Bing’s launch over thirteen years ago. 

Sustaining this rate of growth will pose some unique challenges. However, more people take notice of the Brave browser, which will automatically expose them to the Search function over time. Additionally, Brave Search is accessible to anyone wth any browser via this link

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