brave browser

Apple tends to recommend new applications in its App Store on a regular basis. 

It now appears that the Brave browser is part of these recommendations, at least in specific regions.

Brave Continues to Grow

This is another validation of what his project has been all about.

Providing a faster, safer, and incentivized browsing experience to users all over the world is always positive.

With Apple officially recommending Brave, a lot of interesting debates are sparked.

This recommendation also comes at a bit of an odd time.

Over the past few months, both Apple and Google have seemingly made life more difficult for crypto-related projects.

While Brave is not directly tied to cryptocurrencies, its incentivization model certainly is.

However, it appears that the technology giant sees no problem with Brave, even though it directly competes with the native Safari browser.

Exposing more people to what Brave has to offer can yield interesting consequences.

At the same time, one has to keep in mind that these recommendations are often targeted at individual users.

There is a good chance that only a select few people will see these recommendations at any given time.

For now, this new browser ecosystem is still in the very early stages.

While progress has been made, it is still not possible to transfer one’s BAT balance out of the browser.


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