Brave Developers Finally Look Into a Privacy Issue Present for Over a Month

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The Brave browser has made a lot of waves since its inception. Providing a better browsing experience is of great value to a lot of users. A new “issue” has been raised on Github some time ago, as it seems to violate user privacy.

The Affiliate Link Incident

Releasing a browser capable of competing with the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera is never an easy task. The Brave team has done an admirable job in this regard. Its product blocks advertisements, trackers, and every other tool trying to track users as they keep browsing the internet. All in all, it is a very powerful service that has proven to be of great value to a lot of users. 

Despite its success and growth, the browser is far from perfect. Several issues have popped up in recent months. Thankfully, they tend to get fixed very quickly, primarily due to negative public backlash.

The most recent issue came in the form of embedding affiliate links in the code. Users trying to visit Binance would automatically be sent to Brave’s referral URL. No money was made from this endeavor, and the code was edited very quickly. However, such an issue should have never been present to begin with.

The Brave History Clearing Issue

It now turns out that another issue is present. When users clear their History in the browser, it does not delete all data properly. The “top sites” on the homepage will remain visible even after clearing the history. As such, some users feel that their privacy is being violated. 

A GitHub “issue” was filed on May 25, 2020. The issue largely went by unnoticed, and at some point, it even seemed to be fixed by accident. However, users have been able to recreate the problem even in the most recent version of Brave. 

Warning browser users that history wiping is not working should have happened ages ago. For some reason, that is still not the case today.

On GitHub, the issue is still marked as “open” and has only been recently labeled as “priority”. A bit late, for an incident that was reported in late May of 2020. 

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