Brave Browser Surpasses 4 Million Monthly Active Users

brave browser

The Brave browser has been an interesting addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem it is a project capable of rivaling popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. It also appears the overall community sees merit in this particular project. According to new statistics, Brave surpasses 4 million active users in the past month.

Brave Continues to Grow

It has been a very interesting year for Brave and the team of developers. After successfully launching its new browsing experience, the waiting game began. It is never evident for a new browser to gain any real traction, despite offering a very different and much faster browsing experience altogether.

So far, it appears the Brave browser is being used quite regularly. By surpassing 4 million monthly active users, the project continues to gain popularity. Albeit most of the users are – most likely already involved in cryptocurrency, this browser is easily approachable for novice enthusiasts as well. One doesn’t need cryptocurrency to make use of this software, nor is there any requirement to effectively pay for services rendered.

The cryptocurrency side of Brave arrives in the form of the Basic Attention Token. It is a monetary unit used to reward browser users for viewing ads as they browse the internet. It can also be used to “buy” a completely ad-free experience, which will significantly speed up one’s overall Internet browsing experience. Both use cases are more than valid, and the Brave team hopes to incorporate this token in a more meaningful manner in the future.

The current objective is to surpass 5 million monthly active users before 2019 arrives. Based on the current level of growth, that should not be a big problem for this enthusiastic team. Integrating BAT-based ad deals and token grants will be a different milestone altogether. It is evident this concept can solve a lot of issues with browsing the Internet today. There is still plenty of work to be done, but the project is certainly shaping up nicely.

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see if Brave gets people excited about cryptocurrencies. Its business model does not rely on Bitcoin or Ethereum but rather uses its own native token to provide a safer and smoother browsing experience. That in itself can be incredibly valuable to the right people. At the same time, there is a risk most people will ignore this project, as getting people to switch internet browsers has been a problematic venture for several decades.

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