Brave Browser Gives Passive Income In BAT For Your Browsing, Oryen Network Gives Passive Income Just For Holding


Two concepts of passive income couldn’t be any different, yet both are powerful in their ways. For example, brave Browser users can earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) simply by using the browsers, while Oryen rewards its users for holding the native token ORY.

BAT is Brave’s native cryptocurrency, and users can earn if they choose to view anonymous, privacy-preserving ads while browsing. All tokens earned this way are stored in the browser-integrated wallet and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Here’s How To Earn Passive Income In BAT

Basic Attention Token was launched in May 2017, one year after the Brave Browser was released, and is the brain-child of the JavaScript creator and Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich.

It is by far the largest Web3-based application, with over 50 million monthly users.

There are four ways to earn rewards while using the Brave browser:

  • Watch ads and use the browser
  • Install Brave Browser
  • Become a Content Creator
  • Refer Friends to Earn

Oryen Network Gives Passive Income Just for Holding

As you know, Oryen is the new cryptocurrency available on Binance Smart Chain. Its unique Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) enables automated staking with the buy, hold and earn functionality. Rebase rewards are paid directly to your wallet just for holding ORY. Earning money with ORY is incredibly easy. Additionally, payments will be made every 60 minutes at a daily ROI of 0.177%, accumulating an attractive 90% annual percentage yield (APY).

In addition, a small percentage tax supports the RFV (Risk-Free Value) wallet and a backup treasury that stabilizes and protects the base price of ORY, while maintaining a sustainable APY for holders. Therefore, ORY is not only a secure prospect but also a valuable passive source of income through the OAT system.

Final Words

Both projects aim to improve our everyday technological lives with innovative features and use cases. However, with Brave Browser, passive income through (BAT) is limited by using the Brave Browser with low payments. 

Of these, only ORY generates a guaranteed passive income. In addition, the project just entered the second presale phase, so now is the ideal time to buy if you want to take advantage of the out-of-the-box Oryen.

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