Brave, BAT, and Paypal Still Don’t Mix, for Obvious Reasons

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Given the popularity of the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token, demand for the asset has increased. One popular search query is whether one can link PayPal to Brave to buy and sell BAT tokens. That is not the case, nor should anyone ever try to leverage PayPal’s service to buy crypto assets. 

PayPal and Brave Rarely Mix

For as long as people can remember, people have tried to buy and sell crypto assets through PayPal. This is prohibited by the company’s ToS. PayPal can and will ban your account if you engage in this type of activity too often. It has happened before and it will happen again.

A sample from PayPal’s Terms of Service:

Ineligible items and transactions

Your sale is not eligible for coverage under PayPal’s Seller Protection program if:

It involves intangible, non-physical, items, including digital goods, and services. Digital goods are delivered and used in an electronic format, like a song delivered online or through a mobile application.

Despite recent rumors regarding PayPal’s interest in Bitcoin, this has never been officially confirmed by company sources. Until the company ventures into crypto assets officially, their service should not be used for these types of transactions.

Filing a chargeback or refund claim to the service is very easy. This is the main reason why irreversible transactions, such as those involving crypto assets, don’t mix well with PayPal. It is the only option where people can effectively lose money twice. Avoiding this option at all costs is advised.

That being said, Brave does allow Japanese users to link their account to PayPal. Very little is known about this process, or whether it is still available today. Rolling the functionality out to other regions is not on Brave’s agenda right now, by the look of things.

Buying BAT with PayPal

Interestingly enough, there have been platforms claiming to let users convert between PP and BAT. Those efforts are usually short lived. The service provider will receive multiple refund requests, which all have to be honored. As such, there is no point in fulfilling orders whatsoever. 

There is a good reason why reputable platforms do not work with PayPal’s platform. It is a very big headache waiting to happen otherwise. 

Eventually, things will change. Solutions such as Strike show that skipping centralized companies to process card and bank payments in exchange for cryptocurrency can be done.

Whether a solution supporting Brave and BAT will ever be created, is a different matter. The future looks very bright for crypto assets, in many different ways. 

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