BoozCoin Pre-Sale Is Now Live To Take on The $1.5 Trillion Alcohol Industry

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BoozCoin is pleased to announce the pre-sale for $BOOZ is live. Investors looking for the next big opportunity in the cryptocurrency space may want to take note of this new opportunity. 

BoozCoin enters the cryptocurrency space as the first crypto asset for the alcoholic market. The project is regarded as “the Amazon for alcohol” thanks to its upcoming BoozExchange trading platform. Tackling the $1.5 trillion alcohol industry is a significant undertaking, although investor interest is ramping up quickly.

BoozCoin provides a new opportunity to investors globally, as they can invest in fine wine and spirits. These alcoholic beverages can serve as a store of value and forward-thinking investment opportunity. Fine wine often gains value by not drinking it, marking an opportunity investment option. 

BoozCoin will help digitize this aspect through its strong partnerships with wineries worldwide to purchase parcels of alcohol for clients to invest in and earn daily. Users who buy the BoozCoin token ($BOOZ) subscribe to the BooxExchange to buy and sell fine and rare wines directly from suppliers globally. 

The pre-sale for BoozCoin is now live on the website. Investors can gain early access to the $BOOZ token at the price of $0.001. Early projects indicate the token’s value will rise to $0.009 when the official launch occurs. It marks a tremendous investment opportunity in the short term, but one should not overlook the project’s long-term potential to revamp the alcohol industry either. 

Moreover, BoozCoin is positioned to reduce costs in the international fine wine & rare spirits market by removing foreign exchanges and bank costs. It also democratizes access to this market, both for investors, wineries, and distilleries. The $BOOZ token ensures instant cash flow with no delays, and the native smart contracts can eliminate fraud through proof of authenticity. 

A total of 12,888,888,888 $BOOZ tokens will be minted for the project. For the pre-ale, 29% of these tokens – 3,839,000,000 $BOOZ – will be made available for purchase. The official ICO for $BOOZ will happen after the pre-sale and have an expected token price of $0.009, much higher than the $0.001 during the pre-sale. Through these tokenomics, the BoozCoin team wants to ensure early investors can reap the maximum benefit from future coin growth. 

About BoozCoin

The BoozCoin team is focused on launching a coin unlike no other. With a concept that can tackle significant problems within the alcohol, wine & spirits market.

BoozCoin intends to become one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies within the next 5 years.

It is time for the alcohol industry to have a currency of its own!

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