BNB Chain’s Golden Inu Creating A New Simplified Crypto Data App

Web3 Developers From Golden Quest Job App Are Numerous; The Builders of $Golden Dashboard
Web3 Developers From Golden Quest Job App Are Numerous; The Builders of $Golden Dashboard
Web3 Developers From Golden Quest Job App Are Numerous; The Builders of $Golden Dashboard
Web3 Developers From Golden Quest Job App Are Numerous; The Builders of $Golden Dashboard

BNB Chain token, Golden Inu, has announced an important update on their coming “$Golden Dashboard.”   The new crypto app will be released by the 15th of next month.  In addition to the launch date, the dashboard application will also be the Golden Inu Ecosystems first step towards an innovation in the crypto eCommerce world.

“The Golden Dashboard will be launched before April 15th. It will be the first step in expanding our Ecosystem into e-commerce,” was announced yesterday afternoon by the cryptocurrency’s twitter.

Elaborating on plans, they continued, “ Think of a place like Shopify meets Amazon, but for $GOLDEN token holders; At least this is the synopsis our team has used to discuss the direction of the web3 app in the long term. “

Early Stage Development

The Dashboard app will not be an eCommerce marketplace in its first phase however.  It will be a web3 app aimed at helping normalize the digestion of Golden Inu token data.    The layman’s version of a specified coin index, the objective of the $Golden Dashboard will be to help users understand  the daily changes in token value, market capitalization, transaction volume,  number of wallet holders, and how to purchase  the BNB chain based token.   

Many retail investors of cryptocurrency and ‘dumb money,’ do not understand the importance of such data in relation to their investment.   With this $Golden Dashboard, users will be able to see the return on their investment with ease. 

In these early stages, it will also highlight the dominance Golden Inu has had on growth charts in comparison to rivals like Dogecoin, Floki Inu, Shiba Inu, DogeCash, ShibArmy, Shiba Doge, Tamadoge, and more.  Few tokens’ value, on any blockchain, have grown at the level the $GOLDEN has since its launch on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange [see here] 1 month ago.

Commerce Phase After Growth of $Golden Dashboard

As community members get acquainted with the ‘phase 1’ Dashboard, Golden Inu will continue development & addition of an eCommerce marketplace.   It will begin as a simple setup, to which the DAO ecosystem’s members can set up their sales pages.

With data from the initial round of marketplace sellers and buyers, the retail web3 application will be expounded upon.  The goal is to slowly create a secure, crypto marketplace where independent retailers within Golden Inu’s DAO structured ecosystem can prosper by selling to fellow $Golden token holders.

The idea sounds quite ambitious, but the vision was relayed to followers in simple words.    

How Is Golden Inu Developing Web3 Apps So Fast?

The token brand does have enough manpower for the task however and options to choose from.

At least 700 novice to expert level, skilled professionals have joined the token brand’s $Golden Quest web3 app in the last few weeks.    A job platform where ecosystem users can earn digital currency [ $Golden tokens] for posted tasks,   there are several web3 developers in the group  who want to get paid for building out the new ecosystem.  The competition to get hired has brought out the ‘best creativity and production habits,’ according to a recent tweet from Golden Inu’s founder.

The $Golden Dashboard web3 app was first discussed in tweets just 2 weeks ago.  Now it’s set for release and to spawn an eCommerce market for the DAO structured ecosystem. 

Watching The Crypto Reddit Community

Such ambition and achievement is generating a fervent buzz around the Golden Inu token.  Over 1,100 cryptocurrency holders have joined the subreddit community in 3 weeks.  That’s an average of nearly 400 users per week.

As more crypto communities learn of the crypto tech being developed and released by the BNB chain-based brand, the impact on $Golden token’s market capitalization and value should be positive.   The cryptocurrency already grew in value over 500% since February 25th,  before seeing the end of a phenomenal bull cycle.  However, a $Golden Dashboard release and crypto eCommerce development could generate enough momentum for an even bigger bull cycle.

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