Bluzelle Launches its Automated ETH to COSMOS Relayer


Bridging the gap between different blockchain can lead to new innovations. Bluzelle, through its native Bridge solution, offers a relayer between Ethereum and Cosmos. A major development for the industry, and one that benefits all parties evolved. 

The Power of the Bluzelle Bridge

  • Bluzelle has a native dual-token system: the native chain is based on Cosmos, but there are also ERC-20 BLZ tokens that need to be maintained. 
  • Connecting the two ecosystems through the Bluzelle Bridge allows for more secure, stable, and automatic conversions of tokens between both networks. 
  • Competing solutions currently available to bridge the gap all seem to lack something: either stability is insufficient or the project is not production ready in its current form. 
  • The Bluzelle Bridge automated relaying between Ethereum and Cosmos, and will power millions of transactions. 
  • Ongoing growth of the Cosmos ecosystem will spawn many new blockchain networks, all of which require manual token swaps.
  • These manual swaps – similar to how a one-way atomic swap looks – are a hurdle to broader adoption, as tokens are removed from their initial ecosystem altogether.

  • The Bluzelle Bridge providers fully automated bi-directional exchanges between ERC-20 BLZ to Cosmos-based BNT and vice versa.
  • This relayer is currently still being tested on the soft mainnet, allowing the team to collect feedback.
  • As more users join the staking process and engage in automatic token conversions, the solution will come closer to its production-ready stage. 

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