BlueWolf Coin: A Multi-Purpose Smart Token Creating Lucrative Business Opportunities


What is BWC?

Designed as a multi-purpose and smart token, BlueWolf Coin aims to create limitless and lucrative business opportunities in the crypto space for its holders. To eliminate the need for a middleman and to increase liquidity, BWC turns assets into tokens and seeks to provide a wide range of services including: Digital currency exchange, Speculation, NFT GameFi, Metaverse, Staking, and other additional platforms. Being a utility token, BWC aims to be a strong support regarding liquidity in the trading market. The token also operates on both centralised (CeFi) and decentralised (DeFi) systems, offering its token holders discounts on exchange fees when trading on Blue Wolf exchange platforms and NFT systems. As a project encompassing a large variety of use cases, BWC has much to offer in the long run.

BWC Token Overview:

Total Issue Supply: 1,100,000,000

Total Circulation Supply: 1,100,000,000


Launch Date: December 2021

Coinstore Listing: 30 May 2022, 21:00 (UTC +8)

Deposit Time: 30 May 2022, 19:00 (UTC +8)

Withdrawal Time: 30 May 2022, 19:00 (UTC +8)

What is the Token Utility of BWC?

As a multi-purpose, utility token with ambitious goals to elevate the financial world through cryptocurrency, BWC has multiple use-cases. BWC’s use-cases are as such:

  • Support liquidity in the trading market
  • Operates on both CeFi and DeFi systems
  • Able to be used as a discount on exchange fees on Blue Wolf exchanges and NFT systems
  • Access to services such as digital currency exchange, speculation, NFTs, GameFi, the Metaverse, staking and additional platforms

A Closer Look at BWC’s Tokenomics

BWC has a total issue supply of 1,100,000,000 and a total circulation supply of 1,100,000,000. More details of BWC’s tokenomics can be seen as such:

  • 7.73% tokens allocated to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Support
  • 1.45% tokens allocated to the Team
  • 18.18% tokens issued towards NFTs
  • 24.55% tokens issued to Staking
  • 21.36% tokens assigned to GameFi
  • 5.91% tokens circulated to GameFi E-Sport
  • 4.36% tokens distributed to BWC’s Metaverse
  • 2.09% tokens given to BWC’s Game Platform
  • 1.45% tokens distributed to BWC’s Community Platform
  • 3.36% tokens set aside for BWC’s Side Project
  • 0.36% tokens set aside for BWC’s Support Project
  • 8.18% tokens burned
  • 0.18% tokens issued for Air Drops
  • 0.82% tokens issued to Liquidity

BWC’s Roadmap

TBWC has mapped out several milestones in its roadmap to paving its holders’ path to boundless business opportunities and achieve its goals. Here’s a look at BWC’s roadmap and what they plan to achieve next:

  • Forming business partnerships in Asia Pacific by 2022, Europe by 2023, and America by 2025
  • Launching its Blue Wolf NFT system and GameFi by Q3 2022
  • Forming a supply of 220,000,000 tokens in the system by Q1 2023
  • Launching its Blue Wolf GameFi (2) and Staking System (2) in Q2 & 3 2023
  • Adding a total of 165,000,000 tokens into the system by Q1 and launching Blue Wolf GameFi (3) by 2024
  • Adding another 165,000,000 tokens into the system and launching Blue Wolf Staking System (3) by 2025
  • Adding an additional 220,000,000 tokens into the system an launching Blue Wolf GameFi (4) by 2026

Interested users who wish to follow the project and utilise its multiple services can check out BWC at by 30th May 2022 onwards and be a part of this growing project!

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