BLOCKS: Progressive Decentralization

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Business models are rapidly changing. This change comes as a result of these companies wanting to run a more effective system in order to compete in the fast-paced technological world. With the world going digital, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to adopt a scalable and secure solution for their businesses, especially with blockchain now in the mix.

BLOCKS DAO LLC is an innovative Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is more than willing to help companies integrate blockchain solutions into their infrastructure. Launched in 2021 in Wyoming, BLOCKS aims to power blockchain solutions for enterprises and mainstream industries seeking to run a more economical, fast, and effective system. It eliminates barriers to entry, which is one of the issues faced by companies looking to leverage blockchain solutions.

It is the first registered DAO in the world that brings blockchain solutions to firms using a simplified, easy-to-adopt model. BLOCKS is established to handle a number of issues hindering organizations from leveraging the technology.

Blockchain Adoption Issues

Blockchain has evolved since its emergence eleven years ago. It has proven countless times to be the ultimate, a necessity that can benefit organizations and corporations. Yet, several companies are struggling to leverage the technology. There are a couple of reasons for this. 

First off, developing a blockchain-based enterprise solution is costly, given what is required. It is complex and requires the companies to allocate a substantial amount of resources and labor to achieve it. Considering the financial constraint and the resources generally, these companies abandon the whole idea because it isn’t worth it. 

Another point that slows down adoption is the security. Though the technology is highly secured, the concept of transparency is a no-no for companies. These enterprises are afraid of sharing sensitive information, such as client data, financial records, etc. Therefore, they feel again that it isn’t worth it.

Furthermore, the expensiveness of developing blockchain solutions leaves a lot of these companies worried if they would still be relevant when they expand operations. For companies, the long-term outlook is always the focal point, and they might not be satisfied with the level of these solutions as time goes on. 

These issues are properly addressed by BLOCKS DAO. The platform has found a way to offer enterprises the chance to utilize blockchain solutions for their gain without being embroiled in the building, integration, and implementation processes. The autonomous organization is built to tackle speed, security, and scalability. One good thing about BLOCKS DAO is that it offers blockchain services to businesses regardless of the industry they are in.

Tokenization and Progressive Decentralization

BLOCKS is a DAO, which means it’s governed by a group of people, also known as the stakeholders. This community runs and operates the DAO in a decentralized manner while sharing resources. Each member has access to a copy of the distributed ledger, which contains sensitive data. Data is only added based on consensus, and not a single member has 100% ownership of the data. 

Compared to other DAOs, each stakeholder’s contribution, as to how the organization is run, is acknowledged. The innovative infrastructure empowers participants to implement non-hierarchical decisions, including sharing of resources and fund allocation. Each decision taken impacts the DAO and can help maximize efficiency. 

However, becoming a stakeholder of the community warrants you to acquire a required number of $BLOCKS, the DAO’s native token based on ERC-777 Ethereum. There are two types of membership available – the Silver Membership and the Gold Membership.

Members opting to obtain the Silver Membership are required to possess 300,000 $BLOCKS. This membership gives you access to voting a nominated ambassador and winning free airdrops. One million $BLOCK tokens give you the Gold Membership tag. Here, stakeholders enjoy the benefits of being voted as an ambassador. 

As an ambassador, you get the chance to meet with the BLOCKS team to discuss proposals and make decisions that can impact the organization. Members also get the opportunity to purchase tokens at a discount. $BLOCKS are available for purchase on Uniswap. 

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