BLOCKS: A DAO With Traction

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Beyond its significant impact in finance, blockchain technology has enabled the creation of new ways of governance and coordination known as the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). These DAOs implement an online decision-making system that allows online communities to reach a consensus most efficiently and effectively. Since the advent of DAOs in the blockchain space, several projects have leveraged the technology to offer excellent services to their clients and customers. 

One of such DAO-based and blockchain-powered projects is BLOCKS, the first legally registered DAO LLC. If you think this feat by BLOCKS is a stroll in the park, then consider the number of DAOs with a DAO LLC.

Overview of BLOCKS 

BLOCKS is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) project that utilizes blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships to move outdated and old-fashioned systems into the future. The purpose of BLOCKS DAO is to help integrate already existing applications into the blockchain network. According to the founding team, they also welcome like-minded people, corporations, and other network participants to be part of their mission of setting the standard for a legally registered DAO LLC.

BLOCKS believes that being a legally registered DAO is a giant step towards the future of business operations. As businesses and blockchain entities embark on the journey of progressive decentralization, BLOCKS is positioned to serve as a pacesetter for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) worldwide. It will serve as a model of compliance and accountability. By combining blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships, BLOCKS aims to grow the utility of its digital asset to become a unit of measure for blockchain. 

The mission of the BLOCKS project is to migrate companies across all industries onto the blockchain network. By leveraging its commercial and enterprise-grade partnerships, BLOCKS is able to power world-class blockchain solutions for different companies. All the partnerships and solutions are powered by the BLOCKS DAO, thereby driving additional utility of the BLOCKS token. 

The Concept of BLOCKS’ Progressive Decentralization

Every BLOCKS participant uses a protocol that is jointly owned and operated by the community of users. All the vital processes are run in a completely decentralized manner. It means that each member has full access to everything happening within the community. New data can only be added only through the consensus/agreement of all participating members. Within the community, no single individual owns or controls the data. This innovative new concept empowers all the participants to make non-hierarchical decisions about shared resources like “fund allocation.” 

With such an innovative concept of decentralization, BLOCKS can change the world by making collaborations and partnerships readily accessible, more direct, and accessible. This is the major reason BLOCKS DAO LLC is set out to migrate traditional industries onto the blockchain with a mission to transform the entire industry. 

The BLOCKS Multi-Signature Wallet

A multi-signature wallet is one of the major features of BLOCKS DAO. It is a crypto digital wallet that needs two or more private keys to validate and send transactions. One of the uniqueness of BLOCKS is the fact that it has developed a fully-operational multi-sig treasury. Some of the advantages of multi-sig wallets include the following:

  • It reduces the risk of dealing with digital bearer assets where it is impossible to reverse transactions.
  • Multi-sig mitigates the dependency on a single individual, thereby ensuring that all logistics are straightforward. 
  • It eliminates all security concerns that are endemic with the single private key mechanism. 
  • Multi-sig offers a number of valuable applications that make cryptos more appealing, functional, and secure. 

The BLOCKS Tokenized Community

BLOCKS tokenized community is a token-permissioned chat on the Discord server. The BLOCKS team created the ecosystem to ensure a user-friendly, engaging, and highly rewarding community. The community is a pay-to-play system, and all members must hold a specified amount of tokens in their MetaMask in order to join the conversation. 

The tokenized community is the first step in BLOCKS progressive decentralization. There are two membership tiers; Silver and Gold. To be a member of the Silver tier, you need to have 300,000 BLOCKS tokens in your MetaMask. However, for the Gold tier, members need to have 1,000,000 BLOCKS tokens in their MetaMask. You can learn more about the Tokenized Community here on the official BLOCKS website. 

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