Blockmove is an advanced tool for working with cryptocurrency


Blockmove has recently announced the official launch of its project. The service provides secure and anonymous tools for working with cryptocurrency. 

Within a single platform, you can store, send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrency, as well as set up payments to your website via Merchant and integrate the API. We`ve studied the project and would like to share information with our readers. Next, you will see an overview of the features and main advantages of the Blockmove platform.

“All in one place” – at first it may seem the main feature of the project. But it`s more likely to be its main idea, while its features are different. Having studied the project better, we see that the Blockmove team has seriously worked out not only the software and server part of its product, but also the business model to offer key advantages over competitors. The rates for users and partners stated on the site confirm that these are some of the most favorable conditions that can be found on the market.

Options for using the Blockmove platform 

If you use Blockmove as a wallet, you will receive free service, deposits and withdrawals. If you want to work with Merchant Service and accept payments in various cryptocurrencies on your website, you will be able to do this for free for a whole year, and then you will pay only $ 49 per month and no interest for each payment. When using the API, you`ll pay only 0.3% – this is the minimum commission compared with similar services. 

Blockmove key features

You`ll ask: “What about security?” That`s where the most interesting part starts. It turns out that low commissions and various tools are not the most important thing that the project team is proud of. The security of your funds and anonymity is what is in the first place and what is the priority for Blockmove

Let’s take a closer look at this component. Let’s start with registration, everything is very simple and anonymous in here. Just enter your email address and password, no more data is required and will ever be requested. Enable two-factor authentication after registration, and your wallet will never be available to anyone but you. The company doesn`t store private keys on their server or anywhere else, only you can generate them in your personal account. And this is really important nowadays, when users are increasingly aware of the advantages of non-custodial wallets and prefer them. Another important feature that Blockmove supports is the HD Wallets (Deterministic Wallet) technology.

Project support

And in this issue, we put it an “excellent” grade. The website has extensive documentation for integration via the API. There is a branch on Github with examples and SDK for PHP and NodeJS. You can always contact the company or find out the news via popular social networks or its blog. And of course, the project has customer and technical support, which is ready to solve users’ problems and answer all their questions as soon as possible.

Blockmove is really trying to make an innovative product that challenges the current foundations of the market. This is a truly revolutionary service with great potential that takes into account all the shortcomings of its competitors. Don’t doubt that Blockmove will soon find its niche in the market.

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