BlockFiSwap– Automated Crypto Market Making Platform


Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a transaction market that does not rely on an intermediary service to store and manage customers’ assets. BlockFiSwap, as the name implies, expresses its “decentralization” element. This is a product that evolves from the idea of aggregating the features of other decentralized exchanges into a single exchange, while removing the drawbacks of those exchanges themselves.

BlockFiSwap is an advanced decentralized exchange and allows the swap of ETH and ERC-20 tokens. It supports a big number of ERC-20 tokens, including DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, LINK, and others. You can swap, purchase BFI and join Staking program with high APY.

How BlockFiSwap Protocol works

The success of the BlockFiSwap Protocol depends on users staking tokens in BlockFiSwap liquidity pools and generating fees from trade volume.

Liquidity pools perform autonomous, peer-to-contract token trades and generate fees from each trade. Anyone can provide liquidity to a pool and, in return, receive conversion fees from trades that pass through the pool.

Providing liquidity to a BlockFiSwap pool is permissionless (no central party can block or control the process) and easy for everyday users (add liquidity in a couple clicks). Liquidity providers receive pool tokens proportional to their share of assets in the pool (0.3%).

Staking Program at BlockFiSwap 

Staking program is applied for Staking holders of BlockFi (BFI) & other tokens. At BlockFiSwap, you can receive an interest of more than 100% APY for staking stable coin & other ERC-20 tokens. If you stake BFI, the interest rate is even higher, 150% APY. Each pool staking round lasts 3 months. After a round ends, the pool will be unblocked, so users can withdraw original or re-invest in next round. The staking interest can be withdrawn at the discretion of the client.

BlockFi Token (BFI)

BFI is the native token of BlockFiSwap, so it has the highest interest to attract the community as well as guarantee the value stability for the holders. Moreover, BlockFiSwap platform is a completely upgraded version of the rest of the platforms, it has their advantages, and eliminates unnecessary disadvantages. This will make users feel like they have found a project that really has strong growth potential, which results in the long-term value of its token BFI.

From 1 Jan, 2021, we are conducting the airdrop program and token sale to attract the community and grow the fund for more developments.

Airdrop Program:

The total reward is up to 100,000,000 BFI – $2,000,000, and you will receive 200 BFI ($4) after completing all steps via the bot and 200 BFI ($4) per ref.

Token Sale:

  • Pre-Sale (1 Jan 2021 – 14 Feb 2021) 

315,000,000 BFI  –  Price: 1 BFI = 0.01 USDT

  • Public Sale (15 Feb 2021 – 31 Mar 2021): 

505,000,000 BFI – Price: 1 BFI = 0.015 USDT

Payment method: USDT (ERC-20)

After purchasing BFI from Pre-sale or Public-Sale, BFI will be distributed to investor’s wallet immediately but also be blocked by Smart Contract until 1 Apr, 2021 after the public sale ends. The investors can use the purchased tokens to join staking program to receive interest, or may wait to end Public-Sale to swap/exchange BFI.

BlockFiSwap Community


Telegram channel:

Telegram group:



BlockFiSwap contract & token addresses

Token: 0x6cc7d6c7b3000a8f1eefebbba253bd277457cd2c

Contract: 0x3d8DF9B32C982C9586A17f07DB05629d464de013

BlockFiSwap contact

[email protected]

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