Blockdaemon Supports Web3 platform SKALE Network


New York, NY – October 12, 2020Blockdaemon, the leading blockchain infrastructure platform for node management, is supporting the SKALE Network, an open-source Web3 platform intended to bring speed and configurability to blockchain. 

Blockdaemon will provide extensive infrastructure support, with white-glove deployments of nodes on the SKALE Network, and includes consultation to optimize deployments for staked assets. All SKALE nodes are full, standard deployments of the protocol nodes, including native APIs and tooling. Additionally, SKALE nodes are supported by Blockdaemon’s extensive, highly tested monitoring, alerting and availability solutions which allow scaling configurations up and providing smart redundancy to avoid penalties and downtime.

Commenting on the announcement, Konstantin Richter, CEO of Blockdaemon, “I am proud to take the next step in our long running collaboration with SKALE Network, at this pivotal moment for this project. Our infrastructure support for SKALE’s mainnet launch is a shared step towards building an open-source and user-friendly Web3. Blockdaemon simplifies the process of deploying nodes, to allow developers to spend time on what they do best: innovating and developing next-generation networks. With easy to use integrations and interoperability at the core of what we do, we look forward to providing SKALE with the best-fit node configurations that allow them to rapidly scale up operations.”

Led by the Network of Decentralized Economics (N.O.D.E.) Foundation, SKALE Network will be the first project to launch a token on the ConsenSys Codefi Activate platform. SKALE is a powerful new infrastructure designed to securely scale Ethereum-based decentralized apps (dApps) to complete thousands of transactions per second. It is a fully permissionless, open-source, peer-to-peer blockchain network that is run using the SKALE utility token. 

Blockdaemon and SKALE share a common vision of a decentralized web in which accessibility and ease-of-use is balanced alongside high-speed transaction processing capabilities. The organizations are aligned in their mission to ensure that enterprise use-cases meet real-world performance standards. To date, Blockdaemon has worked with SKALE on a number of initiatives, including the launch of validator nodes on the SKALE testnet and mainnet phase one. 

“Blockdaemon has stepped up as one of the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure platforms with their approach to helping launch and support next generation Proof-of-Stake networks. They bring a full suite of software to the table that has the ability to propel a network to the next level without compromising decentralization. In addition, their team played a valuable role in numerous ways that will help the SKALE Network grow towards the goal of bringing Ethereum to hundreds of millions of users,” said Jack O’Holleran, Co-Founder SKALE Labs. 

Builders looking to interact with public, permissioned-based, and staking networks can connect to 30+ protocols through the Blockdaemon Marketplace including Bitcoin, Polkadot, Cosmos, Celo, Ethereum, Filecoin and more, and deploy nodes with three simple clicks. With over 250 institutional customers, Blockdaemon is trusted by the industry’s leading networks, exchanges, enterprises, custodians, developers, and funds including Trust Wallet, Coinfund, Algorand Foundation, Ledger, Slow Ventures, and BTC Markets. 

About Blockdaemon: 

Blockdaemon is the leading blockchain node infrastructure platform, internally ISO 27001 compliant, with enterprise-grade security and backup systems. Supporting 30+ protocols, 70 out-of-the-box node types, and monitoring plug-ins for cloud and on-premises services, Blockdaemon is used by exchanges, custodians, enterprises, financial institutions and 10k+ developers to connect commercial stakeholders to blockchains. Blockdaemon’s mission is to simplify the process of deploying nodes and creating scalable enterprise blockchain solutions via APIs, BYOI, auto-decentralization and auto-healing of nodes.

About SKALE: 

SKALE is an elastic blockchain network that gives developers the ability to easily provision highly configurable fully decentralized chains that are instantly compatible with Ethereum. SKALE chains can execute sub-second block times, run up to 2,000 tps per chain, and run full-state smart contracts, support  decentralized storage, execute Rollups, and machine learning in EVM. The SKALE Network is an open source project with many contributors including SKALE Labs, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The SKALE Network’s supporters include Blockchange, ConsenSys Labs, Hashed, HashKey, Floodgate, Multicoin Capital, Recruit Holdings, Signia VP, and Winklevoss Capital. The SKALE Network is supported by top validators in the world. For more information please visit, @SkaleNetwork on Twitter, and @skaleofficial on telegram. 

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