Blockchain technology in gambling

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Blockchain technology has indeed changed the world of online gambling. Thanks to the numerous advantages of the distributed ledger, players can now enjoy a safer gaming environment, instant banking, and top privacy. Besides, the blockchain has given the rise to many new games. More diversity means greater entertainment. On top of that, crypto casinos offer some of the best bonuses. 

How blockchain technology is applied in casino games? 

Blockchain technology is versatile and can be applied to revolutionize many industries. However, casino gaming is one of the markets that have radically transformed since the very early days of the decentralized ledger.

Crypto gambling sites were extremely brave and quick to adopt the blockchain once it appeared. Interestingly enough, the intertwining of the two businesses has created a high-value synergy for all participants.

More players prefer bitcoin gambling over traditional online casinos

The blockchain provides multiple benefits to the casino industry other technologies before have failed to address. 

The decentralized ledger resolves one of the most severe online casino problems – that of security breaches. Because the blockchain functions without the need for intermediaries, casinos can now successfully eliminate third parties to create a safer environment. Transactions are performed using smart contracts that ensure fairness and protection to all participants.

Fully traceable on the blockchain

The entire information about any given transaction is recorded and stored on the blockchain. In other words, hackers cannot steal your data. What is more, online casinos oftentimes operate on free open-source platforms that guarantee the transparency of transactions. In other words, players can trace their funds at any given time. 

Innovative games that are provably fair

Last but not least, the blockchain allows for a more diverse, entertaining gaming experience. It has inspired the creation of numerous game formats with unique and fair gameplay. 

Blockchain casino: the future of online gambling or a short-term trend? 

The blockchain has been around for quite a while already and hardly anyone still doubts the viability of the decentralized ledger. Crypto casinos are a relatively new phenomenon. That is why some skeptics still regard them as hype rather than a long-term trend.

Experts in the field of online gambling, however, have a different opinion. Extensive research has been carried out to determine the future trends in the ever-so-rapidly progressing online gambling industry. Among the outcomes of the analysis is a solid expectation that the blockchain casino niche will continue to grow. Data shows that it will even prevail on the market at some point. 

The reasons for this conclusion are not surprising. Both players and operators prefer crypto casinos for several reasons. For businesses, the advantages are obvious. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular by the day. Most of the top coins are already stable and predictable enough, so they can be regarded as a good source of revenue. What is more, cryptocurrencies allow for circumventing local monetary restrictions, thus giving more users access to online casinos. 

Players, on the other hand, love Bitcoin casinos because they are safe, offer many games, and provide fast withdrawals. On top of that, the best crypto gambling sites are full of excellent bonuses and promotions. You can get lots of extra cash and free spins regardless if you are a new player or an already existing subscriber. 

Given all of the above advantages, it is obvious that blockchain casinos are here to stay. The decentralized ledger has made online gambling safer, more accessible and convenient, and more enjoyable. 

Some of the best blockchain games

One of the most exciting developments blockchain brought to the casino world is the fresh variety of crypto games.

Aviator by Spribe 

Blockchain crash games are some of the most popular games at Bitcoin casinos. This is because they are easy and fun to play and are provably fair, i.e. you can check if the casino cheats. Most crash games feature flying aircraft. Spribe’s Aviator is probably the most popular airplane-themed crash game currently.

It is a social multiplayer game with an increasing multiplier. Your goal is to bet on the curve and cash out before it crashes. This game is very old, dating back to the dawn of video gaming. Spribe made a clever move to bring it to crypto casinos, and it has turned into a total hit ever since. Aviator is playable on all devices and features in-game chat, live bets, and live statistics.  

Football Manager by Evoplay 

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that leading provider Evoplay decided to bring this celebrated game to blockchain casinos by creating Football Manager. Football Manager is a multiplayer crash game, where you compete with other gamblers to sell the services of your football players.

Just like any real-life football manager, you will have to participate in player exchanges. The game offers convenient graphics to monitor your progress. It is also light and runs on all sorts of desktop and mobile devices. Football Manager has a terrific auto-play feature and is easily customizable. 

Book of Pyramids slot by Bgaming 

Bgaming’s Book of Pyramids is a top-quality slot with a 5×3 grid and 9 paylines. It has an impressive RTP of 97.31 % and a medium variance. The top payout is massive at 9999x the stake.

As obvious by its name, the slot’s theme is dedicated to the treasures and mysteries of Ancient Egypt. It displays beautiful graphics with traditional symbols and ornaments. The soundtrack is also very pleasant. The Book of Pyramids slot boasts several features including Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatter symbols, and Substitution Symbols. The winning symbols are the Golden Pharaoh (Tutankhamun), Bastet, the Cat Goddess, the Eye of Rah, and the Ankh hieroglyphic. The low-value symbols include the A-J standard card deck. 

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