Blockchain industry giant Arben Kane joins Flux Drive, a global Metaverse game service company, as a co-founder & Executive Director


Arben Kane’s involvement is expected to add great strength to the service of the unprecedented complex multiverse platform that combines both the top tier game/metaverse engine, production tool, and the fastest public blockchain technology and NFT hosted by Flux Drive and developer Diverse.

Arben Kane is a global blockchain expert, entrepreneur, investor, and technology visionary with more than 20 years of experience. Currently, he is the CEO of Kontur Inc. (Geospatial Analysis Platform ) and is a key member & investor in with multiple DeFi & InsurFi Projects such as Vast.App, BadgerDAO, ShapeShift, Celsius & Assembly.

Flux Drive, is a global metaverse game service company founded by veterans in the game industry who developed and marketed many million seller games for decades. Not long ago, the company signed a platform development/service license agreement with Diverse, a Metaverse development subsidiary of Bloom Technology, which is the developer of Locus Chain, a public blockchain technology that solves both decentralization and scalability issues.

The Metaverse platform, to be serviced by Flux Drive, is centered to be a much more advanced progression as a creator platform than the representative creator platform Roblox. By further enhancing Blueside’s engine technology, which attracted global attention with its powerful expression through Kingdom Under Fire 2, it combines powerful engine features that can express thousands of high-definition characters infused with AI technology to provide next-generation production tools that the general public can easily use. Therefore, any genre of games or metaverses can easily be created.. 

It also provides a variety of spaces for all users to interact. Along with the multiverse of Diverse with unique themes such as Fantasy, SF, and Anime, other metaverses created by affiliates exist within the platform that maintains their respective ecosystems. It is said that users can get an infinitely expanding metaverse experience of meeting, communicating, trading, and enjoying all the worlds.

The company also stressed that this completely new and deep metaverse experience and the ecosystem of Locus Chain, a public blockchain open to anyone, will combine low-cost NFT creation with copyrights, licenses, items, resources, assets, and automatic derivatives and financial activities governed by smart contracts.

Arben Kane said “I decided to join Flux Drive because I was fascinated by its vision, technology, and members. In the not-so-distant future, we will be able to let the resulting metaverse speak for itself – by setting a new standard in the industry when it comes to engage & play to earn reality. My ability to execute this vision with the other founders, gives Flux a global emergence & short path to an expedited realization.”

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