Bitwala Lets Bitcoin Holders Generate Passive Revenue

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More and more service providers want to provide options for Bitcoin holders to generate passive interest. Bitwala is the latest firm to throw its hat into the ring, and it utilizes a non-custodial wallet solution to achieve this goal. 

Most crypto enthusiasts have heard the name Bitwala before.

Bitwala Provides a Bitcoin Investment Service

It is a very interesting service that gives users more options to put their Bitcoin holdings to work.

The latest effort comes in the form of an interest account.

Holders of BTC will earn a variable return per year on their Bitcoin portfolio.

This new service by Bitwala aims to make this particular effort as painless as possible.

It is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced Bitcoin users.

All income generated in a passive manner will be paid out in Bitcoin every Monday.

There are no minimum investment periods, nor is there a specific threshold to withdraw funds either. 

All of this is made possible thanks to a collaboration with Celsius.

Users can invest through the account, but funds are moved to a non-custodial wallet. 

Depending on the overall market demand for borrowing Bitcoin, the interest rates will fluctuate on a weekly basis.

Another interesting option to check out, albeit it may not be for everyone. 

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