BitStarMarkets: Known for its charting, strategy, and trade automation

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We are sure you must have heard about BitStarMarkets before. It used to have a lot for skilled and active traders only. But here is good news! It has changed in recent years. These days BitStarMarkets’s community has been expanding. 

What’s new?

  • they got rid of minimum investment requirements and platform fees
  • started cryptocurrencies integrated
  • new features. 

It doesn’t matter pro or not, but users prefer solid and dependable platforms. That’s why BitStarMarkets has a dramatic increase in new clients who have moved to the company.

Who Is BitStarMarkets good For now?

BitStarMarkets is an excellent option for competitive traders. Why? We can name at least three reasons:

  1. Good interface
  2. high-quality market data
  3. quick trade executions.

You know those sad moments when it’s just the time and the platform keeps failing? Not this one. Keep trading even during periods of high trade activity. BitStarMarkets has long been called one of the best among pros. At the same time, the business has worked hard to make its products more appealing to all users – no matter newbies or pros who are here to improve their techniques.

Quick and modern

BitStarMarkets offers a high-level trading platform with a quick, reliable system, superior charting, technical analysis, order input, strategy building, and trade automation technologies. What is more, BitStarMarkets has industry-leading stability. A mix of modern order routing technology, regular and thorough assessments of speed, execution quality leads to improved trade execution.

No Commission 

As we have told you before, BitStarMarkets offers no-commission stock and ETF trading. Even more – you also get competitive pricing on options, futures, futures options, and cryptocurrency.  

Ease of use

BitStarMarkets has user-friendly trading interfaces and various order types:

  •  one-click trades
  •  drag-and-drop
  •  Chart Trading
  •  Matrix
  • Quick Trade
  • Trade Bar
  • keyboard trading.
  • Conditional orders
  • trailing stops
  • profit goals 

One of a kind Toolset

BitStarMarkets has tools for dynamic sorting and scanning.

RadarScreen applies user-defined criteria to sort a list of up to 1,000 pre-defined symbols in real-time. 

The scanner app analyzes hundreds of symbols. Just imagine: go through all stocks in a moment. It uses more than a hundred technical and key indicators, as well as applies individual analyses.

Good trading environment

BitStarMarkets has a comprehensive simulated trading environment. We know newbies need it to get some practice. It helps to develop your trading style and make demo trades without risking any money. Why does it matter for a pro? You may use real-time market data to test your trading ideas and methods.

It makes BitStarMarkets is a good place for the development and automation of strategies. Using pre-built strategy components you may create, test, optimize, monitor, and automate trading processes.

Unique experience

BitStarMarkets is the genuine thing. By choosing “Pricing” on the main menu at the top of any webpage, you can easily obtain all the information on pricing structures, commissions, service fees, margin rates, market data, and exchange costs.

To sum up

As you see, BitStarMarkets is best for active, technical traders who can make use of all stuff BitStarMarkets has to offer. The offer is a real deal for new users too. What you get is the best-in-class charting, technical tools, trade execution, strategy creation, backtesting, and trade automation. But as they say: you never know till you try!

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