BitOrbit’s IDO Sells Out in Minutes, Currently Showing a 155x Return on Investment


BitOrbit, a platform designed to generate instant and long-term revenue for influencers and content creators, has remarkably completed its initial DEX offering [IDO] in a few minutes. According to the aforementioned source, a total of 23 million tokens were listed at a public price of $0.007. Unlike other projects, BitOrbit in an unprecedented fashion, has recorded a 155x increase in price right after the IDO. 

BlueZilla – Recipe for Success

Not surprisingly, BitOrbit has managed to achieve this feat, partly because it was incubated by BlueZilla, one of the best VCs in the trillion-dollar crypto space. Armed with in-house developers, designers, marketers, influencers, and legal teams, BlueZilla has played host to a plethora of projects ranging from Tronpad to BSCPad, GameZone, VelasPad, and many more. With projects like ADAPad and ASTRO, two BlueZilla incubated projects, experiencing 21,000% and 33,000% ROI within the first few hours after their respective IDOs. BitOrbit is like these projects backed by this innovative VC, and was bound to be a success. What’s more impressive is that WagyuSwap’s $WAGYU now sits at over $2.50, showing an insane 125,000% ROI on the IDO. With this performance in mind, it’s worth considering where BitOrbit could end up. Additionally, the revenue-generating platform’s ability to utilize the core features of the Velas ecosystem, according to experts, played a huge role in the IDO sell-out. 

Social Media Platforms of The Past are Dying

With privacy and data leaks being prominent topics in 2021, BitOrbit seeks to capitalize on this by creating an ecosystem that does not only garner colossal returns but ensures that the privacy and personal information of users are intact. Facebook, the parent company of the world’s largest social media platform of the same name, in a recent announcement by Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is rebranding to Meta. 

Keen on pioneering a 3D virtual world, the problem, however, is the case of data and privacy leaks. The Cambridge Analytica report revealed that the personal information of over 90 million Facebook users was used inappropriately without their consent. This report and many others of data breaches by the platform are proof that the problem is not a metaverse issue, but that of data breaches and privacy leaks. Taking advantage of this flaw, BitOrbit safeguards the information and privacy of its users while offering them an opportunity to dispel the need for middlemen or intermediaries in a revenue generation scheme. 

BitOrbit – a Moonshot that Could Rival Facebook 

Powered by Velas; a fork of the Solana blockchain, BitOrbit leverages the immense benefits of this ecosystem. Tagged as an advanced version of the Solana network, Velas does not only take the network’s code but it improves on it. Capable of processing over 75,000 transactions per second [TPS] against Solana’s 50,000 TPS, Velas guarantees lower cost which also helps in boosting the network’s efficacy. 

Compatible with EVM [Ethereum Virtual Machine] and maintaining support for Solidity, Velas will allow developers to port projects as well as facilitate cross-chain app developments. Besides all of these outstanding features, Velas has initiated a couple of programs such as the Grant Program which will see the project offer $5 million to nascent platforms in the crypto space. Catering to the needs of more platforms, this Grant fee, as reported by various news outlets, has been raised to $100 million. 

Revolutionizing the content monetization industry, BitOrbit through a series of advanced features is attempting to offer content creators and influencers with large social media following an opportunity to earn gargantuan revenue from content posted. Eliminating the need for gatekeepers or intermediaries, influencers can gain total control of their funds. 

With a 155x return after its successful IDO, BitOrbit is showing strong signs of a project that will not only pioneer a paradigm shift in the content monetization industry but could be the moonshot that would rival Facebook. 

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