Bitop Exchange Leading Centralized Exchanges


Bitop, the world’s leading digital currency CFD exchange, provides customers with up to 100x leverage for a two-way fast and professional order placement. Bitop provides a better user experience and more structured performance than the decentralized exchanges and unfolds a new horizon for centralized digital currency exchanges.

In September 2021, via a tweet, Bitop announced lowering its trading fees, adjusting the floating range to 0.15%. This is a bid to make the platform more attractive to active traders. The reduction of trading fees coincides with crypo price expansion.

Fee Reduction– a Relief for Active Traders

In spot exchanges, traders own the underlying asset, this is not so in Bitop. The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange is a Contract for Difference (CFD) platform that allows traders to institute long and short positions, but not to own the underlying asset. Traders, with access to up to 100X leverage, are able to hold short and long positions of any supported crypto pair.

This high leverage, merging with the flexibility of instituting long and short positions adapting to market changes extra chances for traders to exploit price movements. 

Daily Mining and Copy Trading Features

Bitop centralized exchange, over the years, has proved its strong vitality with a band-single KOL-driven community ecology, standing out among many cryptocurrency investment platforms. Lowering the trade fees which coincides with crypto price expansion is another feat. Other than this, Bitop conducts regular giveaway exercises. A while ago, a 100 USDT giveaway was held, ten active users received USDT as rewards. Recently, Bitop exchange held another 200 USDT giveaway

In a tweet on October 13, the CFD derivatives trading exchange announced ‘Bitop 100,000 USDT Halloween giveaway’. These are inducements that will spike users’ interest. From time to time, Bitop continues to discharge trader-improving features.  

Currently, the Bitop community comprises over 100k users from over 80 countries. This is ever-growing. Recently, the insightful exchange announced a portfolio management strategy feature known as copy trading function. It is accessible for experienced and new traders, and it permits traders in the community to copy trades of successful traders. This allows the exchange to reward skills and also invariably benefits the copiers. 

Focus on Compliance, Education, and Fund Security 

Bitop is operational in many countries. Although, having received approvals from the US’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), and the national financial intelligence of the country, it has since revealed its commitment to remaining compliant with existing laws in all zones of operation.

Bitop revealed that it has a protection fund together with its liquidity provider. It applies a dual method utilizing centralized and decentralized systems for a robust, hacker-proof system, protecting the interest of its clients. The exchange is dedicated to compliance and focused on fund security which can help the derivatives trading exchange carve out market share.

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