Bitney Fans Club: BITNEY Token to be released soon


Bitney Fans Club (BFC) was established with the core vision of connecting various industries in an era of blockchain and digital transformation; and also connecting the physical and virtual world in one platform by utilizing the Web 3.0 technology consisting of community blockchain, NFT as well as Metaverse. 

BFC’s main pillars are divided into 3 segments which are: Health & Wellness, Blockchain NFT & Metaverse, and Retails & Physical Businesses. With more than 100,000 members throughout the ASEAN region, BFC contributes to the world an endless possibility of opportunities within its community by promoting health and wealth while also moving towards the future technology, that we know as “The Bitney Era”. 

BFC has gathered and connected companies in various industries and now BFC has decided to launch the first Community Token in Asia, BITNEY! The BITNEY Token is playing an important role in the Bitney Fans Club (BFC) ecosystem as BITNEY Token will be used in the business model of the community or companies under BFC. 

Bitney Fans Club is here to bring some good news! The Liquidity Pool of BITNEY Token will be added soon in PancakeSwap. So will it reach the moon? BFC will announce the contract address soon and most of BFC’s info will be published online soon as well. 

Stay tuned for more! 

BITNEY 168! 

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