Bitmain continues to make its mark on the cryptocurrency industry, with the mining hardware manufacturer recently unveiling two new devices that are capable of mining altcoins such as Dash and Siacoin. Surprisingly, both devices are “routers” with built-in mining functionality. An interesting development for the industry, albeit it will only put even more power in Bitmain’s hands.

The New Power Play by Bitmain

One has to commend Bitmain for continuing to innovate within the world of crypto-mining. Over the past few years, the company has rolled out numerous devices which are suited to mine a plethora of different cryptocurrencies.

It is evident the company has a lot of knowledge when it comes to ASIC mining even though most coins tend to remain ASIC-resistant.

However, in a new turn of events, Bitmain has come up with a brand new project called the ‘Antrouter’. This new device serves two very specific purposes. On one hand, the device serves as a regular WiFI router, but on the flipside, it can also mine specific cryptocurrencies. In the case of the R3 series, Dash and Siacoin are the latest currencies to have been added to the list.

A More Detailed Look at The Matter

The correlation between mining and WiFi connectivity is very unusual since devices mining altcoins usually tend to become quite hot. According to Bitmain, this will not be an issue, regardless of how long the device is running. Whether or not those claims can be justified, is a different matter altogether.

Considering how these new devices cost around $60 each, one shouldn’t expect any miracles overnight. Very small amounts of Dash and Sia will be mined, and it will take a while to earn a return on investment. Even so, the built-in router functionality is alone worth the initial investment. That is, as long as the devices don’t log any sensitive information in the process.

Final Thoughts

It is good to see that Bitmain is still coming up with different and affordable ways of letting people mine cryptocurrencies. While neither Dash nor Siacoin are household names at this time, they are both valuable in their own way. It is also a great way of getting more people acquainted with the concept of crypto mining.

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