BitKeep Wallet Exploited for $1 Million – Secure your Investment with Audited


Recent news indicates that the BitKeep wallet’s swap feature was exploited by hackers, who managed to steal $1million. While the BitKeep platform has pledged to reimburse victims, this still presents substantial security concerns for much of the digital finance industry. For crypto to really take off, it needs to be as secure as other options, and such security breaches must be eliminated from the scene.

But not every crypto project has experienced these kinds of issues. Some of them are fully audited and have security ensured for all investors. One of these projects is Uniglo (GLO), which has undergone comprehensive auditing from the best in the business. It’s an incredibly safe place to keep your investments and one that could also fire you into future profits. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has some of the most substantial range of security features in the crypto world. But that’s not all it offers early investors during the current pre-sale phase. You get the opportunity to invest in a token at the ground level that should be primed for stratospheric growth when it officially launches. There are only a few weeks left of Uniglo’s highly successful pre-sale, and it should continue to grow in price after that point.

With the most robust set of deflationary features in crypto, Uniglo is the perfect answer to the world’s growing inflationary issues. It’s got an entire asset-backed store of value that’s diversified into a range of products, including NFTs, gold, cryptos, and more. These give a solid base price that isn’t prone to over speculation or at risk of market volatility, giving investors complete peace of mind with the token’s floor price.

GLO also burns more tokens than any other crypto, with a solid dual-burn mechanism that ensures scarcity grows over time. These reasons are why GLO could be the perfect option for your portfolio and one that both rewards and values holders for their input with a robust DAO-driven approach.


Some other crypto projects might have been struggling with security recently, but your money should be safe with Uniglo. It has strong potential to thrive in the coming months, so now might be the time to invest.

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