Bitgert Price Is Big News During This Week’s Trading Session, Will Avorak AI Compete With BRISE?


Recently, Bitgert news has made headlines with its positive price movements in this week’s trading session. This has sparked interest in the project’s potential as a viable investment option. However, the crypto market is continually evolving and new players come up with innovative solutions that revolutionize the industry. With new competitors entering the market, such as the up-and-coming Avorak AI, the question arises: will Bitgert be able to maintain its position and compete in the ever-changing crypto world?

What is Bitgert (BRISE)?

Bitgert is a DeFi platform on the Binance blockchain. BRISE is its native coin. The platform claims to provide a multi-coin app that enables its users to send, receive, store, and exchange digital currencies safely. Bitgert has had major partnerships with projects like Ivendpay, AmpleSwap, and Math Wallet. Bitgret also launched its own blockchain network using a “proof of authority” consensus mechanism.

Bitgert (BRISE) recent price news

Despite its acclaimed capabilities, Bitgert has faced suspicion surrounding its founders, audits, decentralization, and charitable announcements. Several questions have also been raised on the role of BRISE in its on-chain services. While the project draws in investors with its low token price and bold claims, its limited user base and questionable legitimacy make the likelihood of substantial increases in Bitgert’s price considerably low. However, recent Bitgert news concerning its price movements in this week’s trading session, suggest renewed interest and attention from investors.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI is a new AI crypto based on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). The project’s basis on this blockchain and successful audit by CyberScope has given investors more confidence in investing in the project.

Avorak offers unique AI solutions that help individuals and businesses across different fields. The platform comes with many intuitive features and includes detailed guidance in all areas. Moreover, the platform uses a text or a voice-to-text input system making it accessible to any kind of user. As an example, Avorak’s text-generating AI, as seen below, offers edited and plagiarism-free texts that are in line with the user’s specific instructions.

Additionally, Avorak Trading will encompass services like TradeView and its AI trade bots that generate large sets of indicators, for different exchanges and assets. Avorak’s trade bots are automated, learn from past events, and can notify traders in case of any changes. They also don’t require code, they are programmed with a standard script, via the two user input options. The Avorak Trade Alpha phase interface, shown below, has made Avorak AI a trending topic among traders.

Recent YouTube videos by Crypto Shrek and AlienCrypto show Avorak’s growing popularity. Crypto Labs also featured Avorak AI in their video, regarding it among the top AI crypto gems.

AVRK recent price news

AVRK is up 75%. The token is currently selling at $0.105 in phase 2 of its ICO. The ICO event started on 1st March with AVRK going for $0.060. Phase 1 ended successfully after 10 days, with Avorak gaining a triple-digit holder count in a weekend, a $50,000 OTC deal, and over $250,000 raised.

Avorak has been trending on Twitter. Crypto enthusiasts in this space such as Hailey LUNC and DYOR have talked highly about Avorak and its ICO. Investors are still rushing to join the project while still in its ICO to take advantage of its reduced price and bonuses.



Bitgert may have garnered attention with its recent price movements, but it is important to note the speculations surrounding the project. On the other hand, Avorak AI has already gained significant traction in its ICO with a 75% increase in price in just a few days. With its innovative solutions, clear roadmap, and AI-powered technology, Avorak AI has the potential to surpass Bitgert and become a major player in the decentralized finance (DEFI) space.

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