BitcoinIsMagic Review – A great instrument for crypto users

CryptoMode BitcoinisMagic Review

Bitcoin was born over a decade ago, and its popularity is growing day by day. It is a lot easier now to use Bitcoin, since a lot of merchants started to accept it as payment. Also, thousands of companies are continuously developing various tools to make everything faster and easier.

But since we have so many options now, it is actually difficult to choose a single Bitcoin wallet or a Trading site. Yeah, we can go with the most popular ones, but that way we can miss new and even better choices.

If we want to get the best ones, we need to do some serious research. And let’s face it – our time is limited. This is why we need websites built specifically for crypto users. Websites that help users choose knowingly – behind which dedicated teams spend hours on proper analysis.

And so I discovered Bitcoin is magic.

What is BitcoinIsMagic?

BitcoinIsMagic was created in 2017 by a group of people whose aim is to educate and help crypto users to choose what’s best for their needs. When it comes to buy and trade crypto, people need to know that the country they are from impacts their trading success. The type of coins that people want to use, the rate, everything is important – so there’s a lot of data.

Therefore, the team behind the curtain collected all this information and organized it in a way that would help crypto users not feel overwhelmed.

What I found on BitcoinIsMagic?

At a first glance, I noticed the simplicity of the website design and how easy it is to find what you need. On the main page, you have a very brief presentation of their website content – you can see the top 3 trading sites and bitcoin wallets they analyzed, as well as an online convertor.

Then the information is distributed in three more pages:

Buy Bitcoin

This page features an application form developed by MoonPay that people can use to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You can also check your trading history on this page.

What caught my attention is that besides the 13 languages available, 42 default currencies and 17 cryptocurrencies to choose from, I could easily see the coins and tokens’ unique value – no matter the amount chosen.

The process for buying crypto is very simple:

  1. You choose the currency you want to buy;
  2. You enter the amount and click “Buy now”;
  3. You enter your wallet address and that’s it.

But having the toolbar with conversion rates and the crypto value constantly actualized makes the decision much easier.

Bitcoin Wallet

The second page features a list with Bitcoin wallets alongside the coins and tokens accepted, a rating, and the presence or absence of the following features:

  • Mobile app wallet;
  • Hard wallet;
  • Debit card.

What is really impressive is that the company tests each of them before placing them on the website. I also clicked the wallets‘ names and I was directed to a page with the company’s review – for every wallet.

That way, users could find out about their price, features, and other important information without having to check the original page.

Trade Bitcoin

The last page is very similar with the second one. Besides the exchange rating and cryptos supported, the team also follows fees and deposits methods. Their reviews also feature graphics and data, so that users can choose what fits them best.


I highly recommend this website. The interface is friendly, the research is very well done and it doesn’t cost you anything.

It is very exciting to know that the crypto world has so many options and that there still are companies like Bitcoin is magic who manage to help users not feel overwhelmed.

And besides all of this free work, the company manages to offer us some bonuses from time to time. Right now they have a $500 bitcoin giveaway that will end on November 5, so take your chances!

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